Crochet Yoda Book Buddy Pattern Bookmark Pattern

I seem to be on a bit of a bookmark making run at the moment, I started with some folded paper ones and moved on to a fabric one, then while making some crochet squares the other day an idea came to mind – lets try a crochet one!.

I’ve had some green wool on my desk for a while now and the shade of the green gave me the idea to try and make a Yoda themed book buddy. So I got making some squares and got folding them! After I made the squares and got them all folded all I need to do was make some black eyes and get them attached.

After this Yoda success I think there may be a few more of these buddies…….

Yoda Book Buddy Pattern:

4mm hook, 50g DK wool in green.

ch24, sc into 2nd ch from the hook, sc along rest of the row.

Row 1: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) sc along rest of the row.

Row 2: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) htr(UK)/hdc(US) along rest of the row.

Rows 3-4: Repeat row 1.

Row 5: Repeat row 2.

Rows 6-7: Repeat row 1.

Row 8: Repeat row 2.

Rows 9-10: Repeat row 1.

Row 11: Repeat row 2.

Rows 12-13: Repeat row 1.

Row 14: Repeat row 2.

Rows 15-16: Repeat row 1.

Row 17: Repeat row 2.

Rows 18-19: Repeat row 1.

Row 20: Repeat row 2.

Row 21: Repeat row 1.

Fasten off.

Size (approx. 12x12cm)


4mm hook, 25g DK wool in black.

Make a magic ring, ch1, 4sc into ring.

Fasten off, leaving a long thread to attach.

Fold the bottom right of the square to the top left corner. Next fold the top layer of the square to the middle.

  • Sew down each side of the folded layer to secure (sewing through both layers).
  • Fold in the two side corners, and sew the middle of top edge down by 1cm. Then fold the sides back out to make the ears.
  • Sew on the two eyes.

Sewing Tutorial: Crocodile Storage/Pencil Case

I received the ‘Everglades’ fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company and soon as I saw the crocodile design I had an idea to make something crocodile themed.

I always need storage for stationary and especially for crochet hooks as I leave them all over the place and then wonder why I can’t find them anywhere! I decided to for a crocodile themed storage case – I didn’t want to go for a traditional zip topped case so I opted for a top opening case with a fold down top – which was perfect for the crocodiles head!

I tried a few different options with the eyes, but having them pop out the top I think looked the best – it gives a little more character to the case.

The tutorial to make this is free over on The Craft Cotton Company’s Blog

For more fabric pencil/storage case ideas, check out my Shark and Crocodile fabric rolls.

For crochet storage case ideas check out my Minecraft storage cases (Mooshroom Cow, Steve, Creeper, Ghast).

Crochet Lego Four Dot Brick Pattern

Let’s get building….. with some crochet Lego blocks

It’s been too long since I made some Lego themed crochet, my previous makes of a 6 dot Lego block doorstop, Lego tissue box cover and some Lego block blankets are still some of my favourite makes and always make me smile when I see them.

So a few weeks ago I decided it was time to get cracking and make a new Lego make. Since making my Lego 6 dot block I have been wanting to make a 4 dot block so I got some red wool out of my stash and got making.

I love how this block has turned out, I think I need to make a 1 dot next…….

The pattern for this is free and exclusive on my Patreon page (along with lots of other goodies).

Sewing Tutorial: Easter Bunny Tote Bag – Complete With Fluffy Tail!

Keep your eggs safe this Easter with a bunny ears tote bag

I wanted to make a bag for putting some Easter eggs in and wanted to do something a bit different to a plain tote bag, then I had an idea of using bunny ears instead of normal handles and a bunny handle tote bag was born!

Once I had got the bag made I knew it was missing something – a fluffy tail! So I made a Pom Pom tail to add to the back of the back and I think it really finishes it off well.

Now to go find some eggs!

Bunny Ears Tote Bag Tutorial:


  • Pom Pom Collection fabric by The Craft Cotton Company (Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company)
    • One colour for the bag with two pieces measuring 30x42cm
    • One colour for the lining of the bag with two pieces measuring 30×41 cm
    • One colour for the ears
    • One colour for the inside ears
  • White wool
  • Pom Pom maker (7cm) or card circles 7cm in diameter
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Thread


  • Draw out a template on paper for the bunny ears, with one larger template piece for the outer ear and a smaller template for the inside ear detail.
  • Cut out the templates and use them to cut out 8 large ear pieces leaving a 0.5cm seam allowance, and 2 smaller ear pieces leaving no seam allowance.
  • Sew the smaller ear piece onto the front of one of the larger ear pieces 1cm up from the bottom edge.

  • Place the front ear piece right sides together with another large ear piece and sew around to secure leaving the bottom edge unsewn, turn out the right way, press and repeat with the remaining smaller ear piece. Sew the remaining ear pieces together by placing two large ear pieces right sides together and sewing around leaving the bottom edge unsewn.
  • Turn out the right way and press.
  • Take one of the main bag fabric pieces (30x42cm) and fold the top edge over by 2cm, place the two rabbit ears with inside ear detail along the top edge with the bottom edge of the ear 1cm down from the top edge of the fabric and the inside ear detail facing out. Pin to secure then sew along the top edge. Repeat with the other main bag piece using the two remaining rabbit ears without inside ear detail.
  • Place the front and back of the main bag right sides together and sew around to secure. Do not turn out the right way.
  • Take one of the bag lining pieces (30x41cm) and fold the top edge over by 2cm and sew along the edge to secure. Repeat with the other lining piece. Take the two lining pieces and place wrong sides together and sew around to secure.
  • Place the main bag inside the lining of the bag and sew around the top edge to secure using a slip stitch. Then turn out the right way.
  • Sew the top edges of the bunny ears together using a slip stitch.

Corner To Corner Crochet Football Blanket Pattern – Time to Get Sporty!

I really enjoy corner to corner crochet and thought it was about time I got a few more corner to corner projects completed. First on my list was a football themed blanket. I wanted to add a bit more texture on the blanket so decided to make the footballs textured so they really stand out. To finish it off I added a white border so it would look like the white lines around the edge of a football pitch.

Pattern now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Crochet Dragon Hooded Blanket Pattern

It’s been a little while but its time for some more hooded blankets to be added to the collection!

First out is a dragon – he’s out first as he was getting a little impatient and I couldn’t risk any flame blowing in my craft bag! Its now time to fly off and have some adventures!

Pattern now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.