Among Us Crewmate Character Corner To Corner Crochet Pattern

I’ve been trying to get through a few projects that have been in my to do list for ages – some have been half started and I’ve decided to try and get through some of those first before taking on new projects off the list!

First up is an Among Us Crewmate corner to corner make, I’ve had this drawn out and a few rows started for a few weeks but am glad I’ve finally focussed on it and got it finished – so glad in fact, I’ve already got a few more ideas for some more in different colours and poses – I need to make sure I don’t get distracted and start making those before I get through a few more makes off my list!

This pattern is available over on Patreon and is the free make for June for my Patreon subscribers.

Minecraft Corner To Corner Crochet Block Series: Part 2 – Minecraft Chest Block Pattern

Its time for another Minecraft block make!

Following on from my TNT block the next on my list was a chest, this one has a lot less colour changes than the TNT block which is always a bonus!. This block is the same size as the previous (17x17x17cm) and also uses half treble(UK)/half double(US) corner to corner crochet.

Grid pattern to make your own is below, and a how to on half treble(UK)/half double(US) corner to corner crochet can be found here.  Once you have made the 6 sides sew the pieces together down the sides, you can use a piece of foam or stuffing to fill the cube.  If using a cube sew the pieces together around it, if your using stuffing sew all the sides together but leave a 10cm gap so you can then put the stuffing in then sew the gap closed.

Crochet hook used: 3.5mm hook

DK wool

Keep a look out for the next block – I don’t think it will be long until a few more appear!

Other Minecraft blocks patterns also available: Chest Block, TNT Block, Magma Block, Emerald Ore, Diamond Ore

Minecraft Crochet Block Series: Part 1 – TNT Block Pattern

Time to get building….building some Minecraft blocks that is!

Its been a little while since I have managed to get some Minecraft makes finished and I have decided its time to get cracking with them! So over the next few weeks a few new Minecraft themed makes will be popping out on to here all themed around the different Minecraft blocks. These makes will consist of Minecraft cubes measuring 17x17x17cm. I cant wait to have a few of these made as they will all be able to stack together so you can actually build something out of them!.

I opted for corner to corner crochet for these as its perfect for giving the block effect of a Minecraft block and also I love using corner to corner crochet on projects!

I used a foam padding piece to fill these – using one large piece and cutting into 17x17cm squares and stacking them together. You could also use a 17x17x17cm cube of foam if you can find one, or even just fill them with toy stuffing.

I started making these at first and realised they were going to be too big so to make them smaller and the 17cm size instead of using trb(UK)/dc(US) stitches I changed them to htr(UK)/hdc(US). This also means at the start of each row instead of ch6 and trb(UK)/dc(US) into the 4th ch from the hook, you only need to ch5 and then htr(UK)/hdc(US) into the 3rd ch from the hook. Also instead of ch3 at the start of each square you only need to ch2. How to on using a htr(UK)/hdc(US) for corner to corner crochet can be found over on this ‘how to’ guide.

Aldo instead of using a 4mm hook as I normally would I opted for used a smaller 3.5mm hook.

If you do want a bigger block complete the corner to corner crochet as you normally would with trb(UK)/dc(US).

To make the cubes, use a 3.5mm hook and make the 6 sides using the patterns below and sew the pieces together around the foam piece down the side edges. if using stuffing sew all the pieces together but leave a 10cm gap for putting in the stuffing and them sew the gap closed.

Sewing Tutorial: Shark Pencil/Crochet Hook Case Fabric Roll

Following the crocodile – swimming in is a shark pencil roll

Whilst making my crocodile pencil roll I also had the idea to make a shark themed one as well, and luckily I had the perfect fabric in my stash to make it with.

These rolls are perfect for storing pencils, crochet hooks – or any other loose items you want to keep safely together in one place.

I have a feeling a few more of these may appear in the future!

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company and is by The Craft Cotton Company.

Pattern is the same as the Crocodile Pencil Roll, except for the teeth and eye details.

Shark fabric roll tutorial:

For the teeth cut 10 out from white felt.

Cut two small 1cm diameter circles from black felt for the eyes.

Cut two small rectangles from the black felt for the nostrils.

Sewing Tutorial: Crocodile Pencil/Crochet Hook Case Fabric Roll

I wanted to make a pencil roll as part of a gift, but wanted to make something a little bit different. After a few sketches and quite a few rejected ideas I settled on a crocodile theme (I also had another idea and have a feeling that may pop up on here soon too!).

I wanted to add the teeth detail of the crocodile along with the eye and nostril detail, I decided to curve the top edge of the pencil roll so it looked like the mouth of the crocodile and added eye and nostril details on the back of the pencil roll.

I used fabric from the Everglades fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company – it was perfect for the crocodile theme especially the crocodile pattern which I used on the inside.

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Crocodile Fabric Roll Tutorial:

  • Fabric needed:
    • One colour for the pencil roll front.
    • One colour for the pencil roll inside and pocket picece.
  • Ribbon 40cm long.
  • Black felt.
  • White felt.


  • Make a template from a A4 sheet of paper, with the base of the fabric roll 30cm long and start curving inwards to form the top edge 14cm up from the side.
  • Cut two pieces of fabric from this template (using a 0.5cm seam allowance) one from the pencil roll front colour and one from the pencil roll inside colour.
  • Cut a piece of fabric 30x26cm from the inside fabric colour to make the pocket piece.
  • Take the 30x26cm fabric piece and fold in half so it is 30x13cm. Place onto the inside fabric piece and sew lines for the pencils 2cm apart. Fasten off the loose ends.

  • Cut 6 teeth from the white felt with a base of 4.5cm and sides of 5.5cm.
  • Take the 6 teeth and place along the top edge of the roll with the raw edges of the teeth against the raw edge of the roll.
  • Take the ribbon, fold in half and place on the right hand side.
  • Place the pencil roll front on top (with right sides together) and sew around to secure leaving a 10cm gap for turning.
  • Turn out the right way and slip stitch the gap closed.
  • Cut out two 2.5x3cm rectangles from the white fabric and curve the corner edges.
  • Cut two small circles from the black felt to make the pupils.
  • Sew the pupils onto the white felt and sew the eyes onto the front of the pencil roll.
  • Cut two small rectangles for the nostrils and sew onto the front of the pencil roll.

Sewing Tutorial: Swimming out of the craft pile – a fish drawstring bag!

I wanted to make a drawstring bag as a gift, but wanted to make something a little bit different to usual, so while thinking few some ideas I came to think about the possibility of making something ocean themed and from that I came to the decision to make a fish themed drawstring bag. I had also thought of a octopus or squid theme but the thought of all the legs put me off a little….maybe something for another time!.

I added a little eye detail to the bag to make it really stand out but I think it would good without the eye if you didn’t want to be looked at!

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Fish Drawstring Bag Tutorial:

You will need:


  • One colour for the main bag.
  • One colour for the bag lining.
  • One colour for the strip of fabric for the drawstring top section.

Ribbon for the drawstring (50cm).

White felt for the eye.

Grey felt for the eye.

To Make the bag:

  • Draw a fish body template (with the top edge 22cm wide, and 30cm long) and a separate wide paper strip (24cm long by 7cm wide).
  • Cut out 4 fish body pieces (two in each of the 2 colours so you have two main bag pieces and two lining pieces) and 2 pieces of the fabric strip with a 0.5cm seam allowance.
  • Take the wide strip of fabric fold in the side edges by 1cm and fold in half with right sides facing outwards.
  • Take one the of fish body pieces and place the raw edge of the folded fabric strip against the raw edge of the top of the fish body and sew along to secure.
  • Fold out and press.
  • Place the two fish body pieces right sides together and sew around the edges to secure leaving the top edge and the fabric strip section unsewn. Turn out the right way.
  • Take the two lining pieces, place right sides together and sew around to secure. Do not turn out. Fold the top edge over by 1cm.
  • Place the lining inside the main bag so the top edge of the lining is just below the drawstring fabric strip and sew around to secure.
  • Cut out 2 circles (4cm diameter) from the white felt for the eye, and 2 circles (2cm diameter) from the grey felt.
  • Take one white and grey circle and sew the grey circle onto the white and then sew onto the bag. Repeat with the remaining 2 circles.
  • Take the ribbon and thread through the drawstring section.