Crochet Halloween Themed Wall Hanging Pattern (Bats, Spiders, Mummy, Eyeballs)

The Halloween Makes are Taking Over – Time for a Halloween Themed Wall Hanging With Bats, Pumpkins, Mummy, Monster, Eyeballs And Spiders!.

It’s a good think I bought a load of orange wool when I saw it in the shops a few months ago as I am going through it like crazy with all these Halloween themed makes!

I’ve had so many ideas for Halloween makes and just never had enough time to make them all until now, so I am trying to get them all made before I run out of time and need to get on with other projects.

Following on from my Halloween bunting and Halloween coasters is a Halloween themed wall hanging, this will add a little more Halloween-ness to my walls this Halloween – to be honest I like it so much it’s already up!

Pattern is available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops:

Now I think I have just enough time to make a couple more…..

Crochet Halloween Coasters Pattern (Spider, Pumpkin, Monster, Eyeball, Ghost)

I liked my Halloween crochet bunting so much I decided to make some more of the items from the bunting to use as coasters too, I also added in an extra design for an eyeball!

Pattern for Halloween Coasters (and the Bunting) is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops:

Halloween Crochet Bunting Pattern (Bat, Monster, Pumpkin, Spider, Bat, Ghost)

Halloween preparations are well under way at the moment – meaning Halloween themed crochet makes are taking over! Following on from the Pumpkin storage baskets is some Halloween bunting. I got the idea for this whilst making my fabric pumpkin bunting, but for this I wanted to add a few different Halloween themed items rather than just using the pumpkins.

This Bunting includes a pumpkin, bat, spider, ghost and Frankenstein’s Monster. The pattern for this is now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Crochet Halloween Pumpkin Storage Baskets Pattern: Perfect for keeping a very close eye on the sweets this Halloween

I love designing and making crochet storage baskets, from animals to Christmas themed I’ve made all sorts over the years, however, I’ve not yet made one for Halloween.

I’ve had the orange wool in my cupboard for ages ready to make a pumpkin themed basket but other projects kept getting in the way – until now, I have finally got round to making some pumpkin storage baskets for putting the sweets into this Halloween!

I added a little bit of texture to the pumpkins to create the slightly ridged effect rather than just having a smooth surface the whole way round.

Pattern is now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Sewing Tutorial: Fabric Halloween Pumpkin Bunting

Time is flying by and it wont be long until Halloween is here, with that in mind it was time I got cracking and finished off some halloween makes!.

I have been needing some new halloween bunting so set about making some Halloween themed bunting. When it comes to Halloween I think a traditional pumpkin takes quite a bit of beating, so it was time to make some pumpkin themed bunting.

I used the same pumpkin shape throughout the bunting but opted to alternate between orange pumpkins with faces and some patterned fabric pumpkins. I had thought to do different faces on the pumpkins but after a play with some different layouts I opted to stick with just the same eye details on each of the pumpkins.

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Fabric Pumpkin Bunting Tutorial:

Fabric is by The Craft Cotton Company.


  • Orange fabric.
  • Patterned fabric.
  • Green felt.
  • Black felt.
  • Ribbon or binding for attaching the pumpkin bunting.

To make the bunting:

  • Make a paper template in the shape of a pumpkin.
  • Using this template cut out the fabric for your pumpkins leaving a 0.5cm seam allowance around the template. Each pumpkin requires two pieces of fabric, with two pieces of orange fabric for the orange pumpkins and two pieces of patterned fabric for the patterned pumpkins.
  • Using the green felt cut out the stem detail using the stem part on the paper template and sew onto the orange fabric – you only need to add the details to the pumpkin front pieces.
  • Using the black felt cut out face details for the orange pumpkins and sew onto the orange fabric – you only need to add the details to the pumpkin front pieces.
  • Take two of the pumpkin pieces (front and a back piece) and place right sides together, sew around the edge leaving a 4cm gap for turning.
  • Turn out the right way and sew to secure. Repeat with the remaining pumpkin pieces.
  • Once you have all your pumpkins made you can attach them to your ribbon by placing the pumpkin stem onto the ribbon and sewing along the top edge to secure.
  • You can also use fabric binding for the bunting: You could make your own using joined 6cm wide strips of fabric and folding in the side edge by 1cm, press, then fold in the top and bottom edge so they meet in the middle, press, then fold again and press.

Crochet Halloween Bottle/Can Cover Pattern: Adding Some Extra Spookiness This Halloween

I don’t think you can ever have too much spookiness at Halloween, and these bottle covers are perfect for any Halloween parties, I’ve still got some ideas for a few more so won’t be long until a few more scare their way in! 

The pattern for this is available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.