Crochet Flowers Pattern: Part 1 Daffodils

As I am letting my poor fingers have a rest from sewing for a few days while they recover from a mammoth patchworking mission I embarked on last week, I have decided to do some crocheting. I have been wanting to make some crochet flowers for a while now so have decided now is the perfect time to get cracking with them.

I have quite a few different flowers in mind so I have decided to split up the posts based on the different flower types I have made, this first post will focus upon some daffodils, followed by daisies, peonies, 5 petal flowers then dahlias, and who knows maybe a few more if I come across some more I would like to make. I have decided to keep them separate as it means the patterns for each flower will then be kept separate and means each flower gets its own time to shine!
I made up my own patterns for all these flowers, and started off with a few rough sketches of what I was aiming for as a guide, and by rough I mean very rough – it made me realise that art is definitely not one of my strong points, they were more like stick flowers!

I started with daffodils as I am always sad to see them go, such a lovely bright flower that signals the start of the warming weather, now I have these I will always be able to see some! You could make some stems for these with wool and wire and pop them in a vase, or even attach them around the edge of a basket for a lovely bit of flower detail.

Other crochet flower patterns available: 5/6 petal flowers, dahlias, daisies.

Daffodil crochet pattern:

  • 4mm hook.
  • Yellow DK wool – in two different shades.


In dark yellow:

Make a magic ring, ch1.

Round 1: 5sc into ring.

Round 2: 2sc into each stitch around.

Round 3: *sc, tr(UK)/dc(US), double treble (UK)/treble (US), triple treble (UK)/double treble (US), ch3 slip stitch into 2nd and 3rd chain from the hook, triple treble(UK)/double treble (US), double treble (UK)/treble(US), tr(UK)/dc(US), sc into same stitch. dc into next stitch Repeat from *4 more times.


In light yellow:

Ch12, slip stitch into first stitch to form a ring.

Round 1-4: ch1, sc into each stitch around, slip stitch into top of ch1.

Fasten off, leaving long tail to fasten trumpet on to centre of petals

You can also swap it around and have light yellow for the petals and dark yellow for the trumpet, or just use dark or light yellow for both the trumpet and petals.

Flying gracefully into the made box are some pink and pretty butterfly cards

In the July 2014 docrafts goody bag as well as the botanicals range I used previously were also some other items from the docrafts Papermania Capsule collection wild rose and Tilly Daydream range. 
From these I used;
– Capsule Collection 12″x12″ paper pack in wild rose 
– Capsule Collection big bloomers in wild rose
– Capsule Collection polka dot buttons in wild rose
– Tilly Daydream ric rac in natural 
Butterfly punch used;
– Super lever butterfly punch by Woodware (punched butterfly is: 5cm/2″ in size) 
I love the 3D effect of these cards with the butterflies coming out – I only stuck the middle body section of the butterfly to the card so that the wings would flap outwards.  

Staying on a cardmaking track, some more flower themed cards. I need to get making a lot to get my box full again!

After making some cards with quilling detail on them, I decided to crack on and make some more cards using things from my stash as it is starting to get a bit too big to control!. I still had loads of items left from the docrafts July 2014 goody bag I hadn’t got round to using, so I decided to make some cards using those.

The items I used from the docrafts Papermania botanicals range included in the goody bag consisted of;

– Botanicals A5 paper pack
– Botanicals A4 decoupage pack, mixed rose
– Botanicals A4 decoupage pack, blousey flowers
– Adhesive lace trim – botanicals

Also included in the bag are some items from the Tilly Daydream and Capsule Collection wild rose Range, from this I used the buttons (Capsule Collection wild rose), and the
Ric rac ribbon (Tilly Daydream in natural).

The brown ribbon used I had in my stash, bought from Hobbycraft.

I really like this range, the flower patterns are so pretty, and they can be used for lots of different occasions. The large decoupage flowers also work as great focus pieces for a card.




Quilling myself into circles with some new cards!

Whenever I am busy with a lot of crochet and sewing projects my card making tends to take a back seat, and today I went for a card to send someone and realised my made card box was in a bad way – I had hardly any left!

Therefore I decided since I have got a few crochet projects out the way I was going to take a day to make some more cards! I started looking through my old card magazines for some ideas and saw two straight away in some old Papercraft Inspirations magazines that used quilling, I love doing quilling so set about making then straight away, after digging out all my card making bits to find the right cards and papers I wanted to use – which took a ridiculously long amount of time, I need to have a clear out of get making some more cards to use some of it up!

I choose similar colours as the magazine for the watering can card as I love purple so there was no colour better I could pick! I choose some slightly different colours for the bouquet of flowers so I could sneak in some purple and choose a brighter shade of red.

It took me a while to get all of the bits made, and it is quite fiddly to get them all stuck down but I am really happy with them – the bouquet of flowers I am going to use as my Mother’s Day card as it is perfect for it!.



With all this cold dark weather some nice and summery cards to brighten it up!

I got a docrafts goody bag a few weeks ago (the November 2014 Issue) and have been looking forward to making some cards using the items included. Finally I was able to sit down and have a go at putting some together this morning. I really like the docrafts goody bags as you get a really good range of bits and bobs that you can have a good play with and make some really good cards, and there is so much in them there is plenty to make a lot of cards.

I used the docrafts Anita’s foiled decoupage sheets in lavender and bright flowers to make the decoupage card toppers for each of the cards, and used the coloured card (docrafts Papermania capsule collection – french lavender, 50 sheets) and buttons (docrafts Papermania bare basics wooden buttons) all of which was included in the goody bag, I also used some string I had in my stash (docrafts Papermania capsule collection spots and stripes).

I’ve only made 4 so far, and have used all the decoupage sheets from the goody bag, but have plenty of the card and paper sheets (docrafts Papermania capsule collection – French lavender 6×6″ paper pack) left along with some die-cut notelets (docrafts Papermania, French lavender) to put with other items in my stash to make some more cards.

Wasn’t too sure how well these would turn out, but I am really happy with them.


I saved the biggest until last. A cross stitch flowery flurry is ready just in time


I had three cross stitch cushions to complete this year for gifts and this final one has taken by far the longest to complete. It was a much bigger pattern than the previous two and had much more detail and I didn’t think it was going to end! But, I have finally managed to get through the mountain of crosses and what seemed to be never-ending backstitching. I was a bit worried that once I had finished all of the crosses, the pattern wasn’t going to stand out very well but the backstitching in the pattern did its job and pulled it all together brilliantly. The pattern is from 365 Cross Stitch Designs (Volume 2)


Once completed, I created the pillow. I didn’t fabric ‘frame’ the front of the cushion like the previous two as I think the picture itself was enough detail for the front and I didn’t want it to be overshadowed by any fabric colours. I again did a back flap cushion so there I wouldn’t need to fit a zip. I found a red flowery fabric in my stash and used it for the back, which I think complements the colours in the cross stitch really well.


I cut two pieces for fabric for the back (one for each flap) and made sure I cut them big enough so that I could fold the fabric in half to create each flap. This meant I didn’t have to hem each of them and it also gives the back a bit more strength rather than just having a single thickness of fabric. I then laid them right sides together with the cross-stitch picture, ensuring there was an overlap on the two back flap pieces. Once I had sewn them together I turned it the right way and then pinned a line about 1 inch from the edge the whole way around the cushion. I then sewed along this line the whole way around the cushion. I choose a light blue shade of thread to do this so that it would stand out slightly and it also matched the blue that was used in the circle border of the cross-stitch pattern. This line gives a bit of a border to the cushion without using fabric and I think it finishes the edges off nicely, rather than just having the cushion going straight to the edge.IMG_3680 2



IMG_3685 3

This cushion turned out even better than I had hoped and I’m really pleased with it. It’s a shame I cant keep it for myself!