Sewing Tutorial: Quick Drawstring Project Bags

WIP Projects are getting out of hand – time to sew more bags to contain them all!

I’ve been struggling to focus on my projects lately which has resulted in two things, one – hardly anything has been completed, and two – a ridiculous number of new projects have been started!

I try to keep each project in a separate bag as otherwise they all get knotted together and I loose bits of projects and have to remake them. However, with the amount of new things I have started all my project bags are full and I have projects all over the place – just waiting to become tangled up!

I know I won’t get anything finished quickly enough for these projects to go into my existing bags so it’s time to make some more! I had some lovely fabric by The Craft Cotton Company in my stash so I got cracking and made some drawstring bags!

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Drawstring Bag Tutorial:

To make one of these bags you will need:

  • 1 piece of fabric 60×14 cm
  • 1 piece of fabric 60×30 cm
  • 1 piece of fabric 60×6 cm

1. Take the 60×14 cm fabric and fold it in half (wrong sides together) so you have a piece of fabric 60x7cm.

2. Take the folded piece of fabric and place right sides together along the top edge of the 60×30 cm fabric piece, with the raw edge of the 60×7 cm piece placed along the raw edge of the 60x30cm piece. Sew along the edge to join.

3. Fold the joined fabric in half with right sides together. Next sew down the side and bottom of the fabric. When sewing down the side edge sew down to 2cm from the top then leave a gap of 2cm before sewing down the rest of the side edge. Turn the fabric out the right way.

4. To make the drawstring take the 60x6cm fabric and fold right sides together so you have a piece 60x3cm. Sew down the side edge and along the bottom edge leaving the top unsewn. Turn out the right way and sew the top edge closed.

5. Thread the drawstring through the gap on the side of the bag, use a safety pin to make this easier.

Crochet Corner To Corner Bee Cushion – Adding Fabric Backing Tutorial

Another Bee Cushion Is Buzzing It’s Way From The Craft Pile

I wanted to make another Buzzing Around Corner to Corner Crochet Cushion but rather than just having the same matching front and back I decided to put a fabric back onto the crochet front piece.

Pattern for this cushion is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Fabric Cushion Back Tutorial:

After having a look in my stash I found some fabric which couldn’t have been more suitable – some bee patterned fabric by The Craft Cotton Company.

  • Using two different colours I cut two pieces 38x40cm and folded them in half to give me two back pieces.
  • To create the back I laid these two pieces down on the right side of the crochet front and overlapped them slightly.
  • By sewing the whole way around the edge of the cushion this secured the front and back together.

Wooden Cross Stitch Flowers Gift

It can’t be that difficult can it?….This wooden cross stitch gift was definitely more tricky than I thought!

I’ve often seen cross stitch makes where the cross stitch is completed onto a wooden background and have often thought I should see if I can make one. I finally decided it was time a few weeks ago when I started to make a cross stitch gift.

I found some would which I thought would be ok and I drew out my design onto some graph paper which gave me the locations of where I would need to drill the holes into the wood. So far, so good!

I stuck the design down to the wood using masking tape and was ready to start making the holes. This was where it began to get tricky – I managed to drill a hole in completely the wrong place, annoyed was an understatement! So the pattern was drawn out again and put onto a new piece of wood, this time I managed to tear the pattern by drilling too far down into the wood – then again the holes messed up!

Third time I had success – by this point I was behind to loose hope that I would be able to make this work but by slowing down a little (well a lot – we’re talking snail pace here) I was able to get all the holes made. Next it was time to paint and despite being very careful I still managed to clog some of the holes with paint so needed to clear those before I could start sewing.

The sewing part was a lot less stressful and unlike the wooden backing had no mistakes – with all the issues I had with the back I was expecting more trouble!

Really like how it turned out but it may be a while before I make another of these – need to master my technique in making the backing board first!

Sewing Tutorial: Easter Rabbit Cosy With Pocket Detail

Spring makes continue with some bouncy rabbits

After making some spring themed drawstring bags I decided to keep on going with the spring themed makes and make some more Bunny rabbits with secret storage pouch. I only managed to make one of these last year while putting together a tutorial for The Craft Cotton Company and have had them on my to do list since then – finally (and with plenty of time for once) I have got some more finished so I can take that job off my list (which still seems to be growing on a daily basis!)

I used the same Craft Cotton Company yarn dyed stripe fabric for these as the colours worked out well for the rabbits when I made them last time so I decided to stick with it for these.

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Tutorial to make these is available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog.

Sewing Tutorial: Drawstring Easter Chick Bags

With spring approaching it’s time to get making some spring chickens!

With spring sneaking up on me I decided it was time to get making some spring themed makes so I wouldn’t get behind (Like normal) and end up making things in a panic at the last minute.

First up are some drawstring chicken bags. I used a pattern I put together for The Craft Cotton Company last year for these and some Craft Cotton Company Fabric (Chickie fat quarter set) from in my stash that I used to make the original one.

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Pattern to make these is over on The Craft Cotton Company blog.

Sewing Fabric Storage Baskets: Perfect For Organising A Fabric Stash

I’ve been needing to organise my fabric for a while now – every time I open the cupboard it’s in I have to be quick to get what I want and get out again before it all falls out! I decided it was time to get it organised and soon realised I needed some more storage baskets to keep the smaller bits of fabric together in.

Luckily I put together a pattern a few years ago for The Craft Cotton Company to make some fabric storage baskets so I used that to make some more. I found some Lewis and Irene fabric in my stash to use – County Life for the outside and The Glen for the lining.

Now I’ve got it all tidy I can now get in my cupboard without having to avoid any falling bits of fabric – hopefully I can keep it tidy for a bit longer this time!

Pattern is available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog.