Button overload with the christmas presents makes this year! Just a few button cushions….

Each year I tend to follow a theme for my Christmas present makes, from crochet coasters, embroidered cushions and patchwork quilts

IMG_2165This year after realising I could no longer ignore the bursting state of my button box I decided to tackle the issue by making some button themed cushion covers for christmas gifts.   the only downside to this brilliant idea I had was this I slightly underestimated how many buttons I would need and despite having enough buttons to fill a small room I ran out of the colours I was needing so  had to go and buy more to finish them all off…..typical! So now despite making a slight dent in the button mountain I have added some more back in from the leftovers I had after finishing the cushions!

The 3 pictured here were just the beginning…..

To make these cushions I used fabric quarter sets by The Craft Cotton Company in Ombre Trends (green, pink, and blue) and Gold Metallic. I used one fat quarter piece to make the front cushion piece and two more of the fat quarters folded in half to make the two back pieces of the envelope cushion.  Then I sewed my button detail onto the front by drawing the star or heart outline onto a piece of paper and pinning this to the middle of the fabric. I then sewed on the buttons within the outline.  Once I had filled in the outlined area I tore off the paper, which left the buttons behind.

I then placed the button front right side up and placed the two folded fat quarters slightly overlapped on top of this, trimmed any excess then sewed around the edges.  Next I turned the pillow the right way around and sewed a binding around the edge of the pillow which I made from strips of the ombre trends fabric, first sewing the binding around the front placing the raw edge of the binding against the edge of the pillow,  the binding was then folded around to the back and sewed to secure.



Bringing in some magic this Christmas is a very majestic Crochet unicorn 

I thought I was pretty much on top of all the Christmas makes I have left this year, that is until I saw a unicorn uploaded by Toft on Instagram and I suddenly realised I had overlooked a make on my list – a unicorn for a friends little girl. 

Sheer panic started to develop as I didn’t know if I had enough time to make it for passing presents over his weekend. Luckily I had already bought the wool and put it to one side so I could get started straight away and the pattern was from one of my favourite crochet books – Edwards’s menagerie by Kerry Lord. The unicorn is put together using the pattern for the horse with a horn from the highland cow for the unicorn horn – I saw this modification online a while back on their website ( and knew it would be perfect for what I was wanting to make. 
After some frantic hours of crocheting I finished this little cutie late on Friday – just in time to get pictures and wrap early on Saturday before it went off to go under my friends tree….phew! 
Hopefully I have no more makes that have been forgotten about…….


Time for Another Christmas project to make a sneaky appearance…

Following on from my 3D Christmas trees are some little mini stocking cutlery holders. These will be perfect for a Christmas table setting. You could also use these to go on bunting, for putting little sweetie gifts in or anything where you require a cute little stocking.  
These were made as part of a tutorial for The Craft Cotton Company, and is available over on their blog for free:

Loved using the very cute Stag canvas fabric by The Craft Cotton Company for these. 


It’s that time of year again when the Christmas makes are starting, first up are some 3D Christmas trees

I can’t believe it’s that time again already and it’s time to get cracking on with some Christmas makes, it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago I was doing last years! I’m a bit behind already this year – not good, so need to get a move on before I run out of time! 
First up are some 3D Christmas trees which I put together for The Craft Cotton Company, the tutorial to make them is available for free over on their blog: 


Finished just in time to go on some gifts some sparkly crochet stars 

img_7034I have been having great fun with sparkly wool this year, first making the snowflakes and now making some crochet stars! These stars are some of the last few makes I have to get finished in time for Christmas, and it won’t be long until I can have a well earned rest from frantic making!

This pattern is from:
To create a hanging loop I also completed a line of 15 chain stitches and sewed this on to one of the points. They were so easy to make and came together really quickly. Luckily I don’t have as many of these to make as I did snowflakes!


Perfect for adding an extra bit of Christmas cheer on bottles this year, a crochet bottle hat! 

I have a few gifts this year which are bottles and wanted something other than a bag to make them look nice and Christmassy, so I decided to crochet a hat to go on top of the bottle. These will look great when gifting but also on the table on Christmas, especially if there are a few bottles together! 

Bottle hat pattern 

ch20, slip stitch into first ch to make a round 
Rounds 1-10: changing colour randomly every couple of rows: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc around, slip stitch into first stitch 
Round 11: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc2tog 3dc, repeat around, slip stitch into first stitch 
Round 12: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc around, slip stitch into first stitch 
Round 13: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc2tog 2dc, repeat around, slip stitch into first stitch 
Round 14-17: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc around, slip stitch into first stitch 
Round 18: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc2tog dc, repeat around, slip stitch into first stitch 
Round 19-28: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc around, slip stitch into first stitch 
Round 29: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc2tog, repeat around, slip stitch into first stitch 
Round 30-34: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc around, slip stitch into first stitch 
Fasten off
Pom Pom – make a small one of these and sew onto the end of the hat. I have discovered on Pinterest a great technique for making small Pom poms using a fork. I was unsure at first but it’s worked brilliantly, it was a great time saver. 

DIY Pom-pom Garland Tutorial




All finished and ready to be sent to some little helpers, some very cute elf hats!

A friend of mine saw these on Pinterest and asked if I could make a couple for her little ones. I couldn’t wait to get them made – they looked so good on the picture! I decided to do them all in one colour with a grey band around the base and a grey Pom Pom rather than in stripes. They came together really quickly and I had no problems with the pattern at all – it is a great pattern, even better that there are two sizes – baby and adult. I opted to do the adult size as I didn’t think the smaller size would fit them. 

Here’s the link to the pattern:

I can’t wait to see these hats on – I’m looking forward to receiving a picture from my friend with them both wearing them on Christmas Eve! 
I’ve already got requests in from other friends for some of these for next year, at this rate I think I am going to need to get started on my Christmas makes even earlier!