Crochet Christmas Gnome Wall Hanging Pattern (Corner To Corner Crochet)

Soon as I made my corner to corner Crochet gnome cushion I knew it was also be perfect as a wall hanging too, so after making some extra bits and finding a piece of dowel I got one made!

This will be perfect for decorating this Christmas, and the pattern is available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Corner To Corner Crochet Quick Make: Folded Christmas Tree Decoration

I wanted to make another tree themed decoration like my fabric Christmas trees and fabric Christmas tree bunting but decided that rather than using fabric I wanted to do something using crochet instead. I thought it would also be a great idea to do a bit more corner to corner crochet after completing my Christmas gnome cushion, so went down the route of making corner to corner crochet squares that could do the same as the fabric squares in my previous decorations. I also wanted to add in some decorations so added some red and blue baubles to the tree, I think I will make a couple more of these all with different coloured decorations and might even turn some into some bunting – if I don’t run out of time first!.

Corner to corner crochet Christmas trees:

4mm hook

Wool in different shades of green to make the tree

Brown wool for the trunk

Two different coloured wools for the decorations.

For one tree make one of each the of square sizes below:

Once you have your 4 squares take the largest square fold up one of the corners and sew to secure. The take the next square, fold up one of the corners and sew to secure then place on top of the previous square so the point of the folded edge is just below the bottom edge of the next square and sew to secure. Repeat with the remaining squares.

Next make the decorations and trunk using a 4mm hook:

Decorations (blue and red wool): Make a magic ring, ch1, 6sc into ring, fasten off leaving long thread to attach.

Trunk (brown wool): ch6, sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc along rest of the row.

Rows 1-4: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) sc along row.

Fasten off, leaving long thread to attach.

Attach the trunk to the bottom squares. then attach the decorations onto the folded points of the squares.

Next make the loop for the top of the tree using a 4mm hook and red wool:

ch18, then fasten off.

Attach to the top of the tree.

Crochet Christmas Gnome Cushion Pattern (Corner To Corner Crochet)

Following on from my previous Christmas gnome I decided I needed to make a few more gnome themed Christmas items. The first idea which came to mind was for a cushion with a gnome detail, its also been a while since I had a chance to do some corner to corner crochet so I thought why not combine both together and do a corner to corner Christmas gnome cushion!. I wanted to add a bit of texture with the beard and nose so added in a different stitch to give that extra texture.

I love how this had turned out and am going to make a few more for Christmas gifts all with different colours for the gnome body and pompom. Hopefully I have enough time to make one for myself in time for Christmas too!.

The pattern to make this is now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

You can also get a pattern for a cushion design with two gnomes on too!

Crochet Christmas Mini Gnomes Pattern

Finally finished and hastily making their way out the crochet pile are some Christmas Gnomes!

I have been wanting to make a Christmas gnome for the last few years, but with all the other makes I have had on I just haven’t had a chance, this year I decided it was time to get one made so put it at the top of my makes list. It has been a work in progress for the last few weeks as some other Christmas makes were completed but now finally I have got it finished! I’m so glad I have finally got one completed and have plans to get a few more made before Christmas in a couple of different colours.

The pattern to make these Christmas gnomes is the free and exclusive pattern over on Patreon for my Patreon members this month, and is available over on there now.

Crochet Christmas Santa Drawstring Bag Pattern

Just had to make one more Santa themed make!

I’ve really enjoyed making all my Santa themed items over the last few weeks (storage baskets with beards and without beards), so I decided to do just one more (for now..!) and here it is – a Santa drawstring bag.

This is perfect for gifting things in this Christmas and I already have got a few made so I can pop some gifts into them.

The pattern for this is available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Now its time to get a move on with my remaining Christmas ideas!

Crochet Christmas Santa Storage Baskets Pattern Part 2! I Just had to add a beard….

While experimenting with the top ruffle section on my original Santa storage baskets an idea came into mind that I should try doing a bearded version of these baskets. This idea appeared after a particularly disastrous ruffle attempt where I had way to many ruffles within a stitch – some positives do sometimes appear out from a disaster it seems!

I love how the beard detail has come out on these baskets and can’t wait for their recipients to see them at Christmas.

Pattern for these along with the original baskets is available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops: