Great idea for gifting bottles…a crochet bottle cover with wavy edging

I had a bottle of wine to give as a gift for New Years, and wanted something a bit different to put it into rather than badly wrapping it or using a bottle bag. I decided to crochet a bottle cover to put it into, since as as well as looking good it would also come in handy for using when the bottle was on a table.

I made my own pattern as I went:

Make a magic ring, ch 2
Round 1: 5dc into ring
Round 2: 2dc into each dc (10dc)
Round 3: 2dc into next stitch ch 1, 5 times
Round 4: 2dc into next stitch ch 2, 5 times
Round 5: 2dc into next stitch ch3, 5 times
Round 6: 2dc into next stitch ch 4, 5 times
Round 7: 2dc into next stitch ch5, 5 times
Round 8: 2dc into next stitch ch6, 5 times
Round 9: 2dc into next stitch ch7, 5 times
Round 10: 2dc into next stitch ch8, 5 times
Round 11: dc around back loop only
Round 12-37: dc around
Round 37-41: dc2tog (once), then dc around
Round 41-45: dc around
Round for top border: 5 htrb into next stitch, skip a stitch and slip stitch into next stitch, repeat around
Fasten off

I am really happy with how it turned out, and it’s recipient was really impressed with it, so much so they want some more in different colours for a party they are having…I better get making!