Sewing Tutorial: Camel Bunting Pattern


Following on from making the sprocket cushions and mosaic cushion using The Craft Cotton Company Moroccan Bazaar fabric range (gifted by The Craft Cotton Company) I also made some camel bunting – I wasn’t too sure if I could get it to work out as I wanted but after a few goes of different camel shapes and layouts I managed to get it exactly as I was wanting. 

I opted to do separate legs as it looked much better than when I just did a solid camel shape, and the added bonus with these is that because they are sewn on separately and just with the cross stitch in the the middle the do wobble a little bit which I think really adds to them.  A little embroidery thread tail really finishes them off  – I did think of using ribbon, but it was just coming out too big for my liking so decided the use the thinner embroidery thread. 

The tutorial to make these is available over on The Craft Cotton Company website:


Sewing Tutorial: Beach/Garden Bean Bag Target Game

Perfect for a little competition – a fun bean bag target game….it’s time to get practising! 

Completely forgot to upload the link to this tutorial last year after gifting it to a friend and not being able to put it up on here until they had received it. Finally dawned on me I had forgotten after playing a game with them at the weekend. Think I need to make another one so I can get practising – I didn’t do well at all! 

This target game will provide hours of fun for all the family, and it can also be easily taken out and about with you as it all fits into a handy drawstring bag. The tutorial can be found over on The Craft Cotton Company blog along with lots of other great tutorials: 

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.