Crochet Kangaroo Tail Blanket Pattern

Get bouncing with your very own crochet Kangaroo tail

As well as being perfect for practicing your Kangaroo bouncing, this crochet Kangaroo tail blanket has a very handy pouch. Perfect for keeping your treasures in while wearing it. 

It can be made to any size – all you need is a waist and leg measurement.

The pattern for this is available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Crochet Dinosaur Tail Blanket Pattern: Time To Unleash Your Inner Dinosaur!

I’ve been working on a dinosaur tail and a pattern to make one for a while now, it’s been quite a challenge but I finally got the pattern finished and tested a few days ago.  

Pattern is available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shop:

I opted for a green and beige mix, but you could use whatever wool colour combinations you like for this, you can also pick as many spikes you prefer so could opt to put more/less on than I have or use a different variety of the spike sizes available in the pattern.