Crochet Easter Bunny/Rabbit Bunting Pattern: Perfect For Easter Decorating

I love using bunting to decorate for different occasions and these cute little rabbits are perfect for putting out at Easter. I have also been working on some egg bunting so keep an eye out for that soon too.

Crochet Easter Bunny/Rabbit Bunting


3.5mm hook.

1x 100g ball 4ply wool in Grey .

1x25g ball 4ply wool in purple (or any colour you prefer).

Small amount of white wool to make Pom Pom tails.

Darning needle.

Piece of card 5cm long and 1cm wide to make a Pom Pom.

Rabbit body

In grey:

Make a magic ring, ch1, 6sc into ring.

Round 1: 2sc into each stitch (12).

Round 2: sc, htr/hdc, 2tr/dc, htr/hdc, 7sc.

Round 3: 2sc into next stitch, htr/hdc, 2tr/dc into next stitch, tr/dc, 2htr/hdc into next stitch, sc, (2sc into next stitch)x3 (18).

Round 4: (2sc into next stitch, sc)x2, 2htr/hdc into next stitch, tr/dc, 2htr/hdc into next stitch, sc, (2sc into next stitch, sc)x5 (27).

Round 5: 5sc, 2htr/hdc, (2htr/hdc into next stitch)x2, 2htr/hdc, 16sc (29).

Fasten off.

Rabbit/Bunny Feet (Front Facing Rabbit/Bunny) – Make 2

In grey:

ch4, sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc along rest of the row (3).

Row 1: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) 2sc, 3sc into last sc (5).

Sc around the foot.

Fasten off, leaving long thread to attach.

Rabbit/Bunny Ears – Make 2:

In grey:

ch9, sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc along rest of the row until 1 stitch remains, 2htr/hdc into last stitch (9).

Sc around the ear.

Fasten off, leaving long thread to attach.

Inner Ear (Front Facing Rabbit/Bunny) – Make 2

In purple:

ch7, sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc along row until 1 stitch remains, 2sc into last stitch (7).

sc down the other side of the chain.

Fasten off, leaving long thread to attach.

Rabbit/Bunny Tail (Back facing Rabbit/Bunny)

Using white wool and the 1cm wide piece of card:

  • Wrap the wool around the 1cm wide part of the card 15 times.
  • Remove wrapped wool from the card and tie a 10cm long piece of white wool around the middle to secure.
  • Cut the loops.

Rabbit/Bunny Assembly:

For front facing rabbit/bunny:

  • Sew the purple inner ears onto the grey outer ears.
  • Sew ears onto the back of the rabbit with the bottom of the ear 1 round down from the top edge.
  • Sew feet onto the front of the rabbit.

For back facing rabbit/bunny:

  • Sew tail onto the back of the back facing rabbit/bunny.
  • Sew ears onto the front of the rabbit with the bottom of the ear 1 round down from the top edge.

Bunting Cord:

Using grey ch a cord to the length you require and sew the rabbits onto the cord.

Sewing Tutorial: Easter Tie Corner Basket With Rabbit Ears!

I received some gorgeous Peter Rabbit fabric from The Craft Cotton Company and knew I wanted to do something that featured rabbit ears and would be good for storing things at Easter. With this in mind I came up with an idea for a tie corner basket which would be great for keeping all those little eggs in one place and would mean I could also add some rabbit ear details.

Now I didn’t just want one set of ears so I decided to go all in and have sets of ears around all the edges! You could reduce the number of ears if you want and could even add some bunny tail pom poms in their place.

The tutorial to make one of these is available now over on The Craft Cotton Company blog:

Sewing Tutorial: Easter Bunny Tote Bag – Complete With Fluffy Tail!

Keep your eggs safe this Easter with a bunny ears tote bag

I wanted to make a bag for putting some Easter eggs in and wanted to do something a bit different to a plain tote bag, then I had an idea of using bunny ears instead of normal handles and a bunny handle tote bag was born!

Once I had got the bag made I knew it was missing something – a fluffy tail! So I made a Pom Pom tail to add to the back of the back and I think it really finishes it off well.

Now to go find some eggs!

Bunny Ears Tote Bag Tutorial:


  • Pom Pom Collection fabric by The Craft Cotton Company (Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company)
    • One colour for the bag with two pieces measuring 30x42cm
    • One colour for the lining of the bag with two pieces measuring 30×41 cm
    • One colour for the ears
    • One colour for the inside ears
  • White wool
  • Pom Pom maker (7cm) or card circles 7cm in diameter
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Thread


  • Draw out a template on paper for the bunny ears, with one larger template piece for the outer ear and a smaller template for the inside ear detail.
  • Cut out the templates and use them to cut out 8 large ear pieces leaving a 0.5cm seam allowance, and 2 smaller ear pieces leaving no seam allowance.
  • Sew the smaller ear piece onto the front of one of the larger ear pieces 1cm up from the bottom edge.

  • Place the front ear piece right sides together with another large ear piece and sew around to secure leaving the bottom edge unsewn, turn out the right way, press and repeat with the remaining smaller ear piece. Sew the remaining ear pieces together by placing two large ear pieces right sides together and sewing around leaving the bottom edge unsewn.
  • Turn out the right way and press.
  • Take one of the main bag fabric pieces (30x42cm) and fold the top edge over by 2cm, place the two rabbit ears with inside ear detail along the top edge with the bottom edge of the ear 1cm down from the top edge of the fabric and the inside ear detail facing out. Pin to secure then sew along the top edge. Repeat with the other main bag piece using the two remaining rabbit ears without inside ear detail.
  • Place the front and back of the main bag right sides together and sew around to secure. Do not turn out the right way.
  • Take one of the bag lining pieces (30x41cm) and fold the top edge over by 2cm and sew along the edge to secure. Repeat with the other lining piece. Take the two lining pieces and place wrong sides together and sew around to secure.
  • Place the main bag inside the lining of the bag and sew around the top edge to secure using a slip stitch. Then turn out the right way.
  • Sew the top edges of the bunny ears together using a slip stitch.

Sewing Two Very Smiley Patchwork Rabbits

I am starting to think I may have a slight obsession with animal makes, they seem to be taking over and I still have quite a few left on my list! 

I saw these in Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine issue 12 a while ago and they looked so cute I really wanted to make them. However, I haven’t really made much patchwork apart from quilts and a couple of Easter eggs so I wasn’t too sure how well I would fair making them, especially as I had no idea what the markings and descriptions on the pattern for cutting out the fabric even meant! Luckily after a few frantic phone calls to my mum – who I would love to be as good as at sewing one day (but am a long long way off!), I knew roughly what I was doing and felt confident enough that I might be able to at least get started and see how I got on.  

I wanted to make two of these rabbits, one in a cream with red tartan, and the other in a duck egg with flowery fabric. I set about cutting out all the fabric – making sure to cut out the triangle marking points too – good thing I checked about these as I would have just cut straight over then otherwise! Took me a little while to get it all cut out – I didn’t want to rush it and mess it up but I got there eventually with no disasters! 

Now it was time to follow the instructions to make the rabbit, and I could believe how easy the instructions were to follow and the diagrams made anything I was a bit unsure of completely clear, and as a result I had no problems at all in sewing any part of the rabbits together – even the little fiddly bits!.  I was pretty shocked to be honest, I thought I might have come across at least one or two problems, but no I managed to get them all put together without anything going wrong! I was beyond happy with myself, I really should have more confidence in my sewing! 

Once I added the embroidered detail to the faces it really bought them to life, and I have also added the name of the recipients onto the back of one of the legs to make them a little more personalised. I really wanted to keep one of these for myself they are just so lovely! But it will soon be time for them to go to their new homes, at least I will get to see them again when I go and visit!