How To: Make A Pom Pom

I often get asked how to make a Pom Pom when you don’t have a Pom Pom maker, or if you don’t have a Pom Pom maker for the size you are wanting so I have put together a how to make pom poms in any size.

How to: Make a pom pom


  • Wool in your chosen colour(s).
  • Cardboard.
  • Compass/something circular that is the size pom pom you are wanting, and a smaller circular item to draw a smaller circle.
  • Scissors.
  • Darning needle.
  • Pencil.

Step 1: Making the cardboard circles.

  • If using your compass: set it to span half the diameter of the circle you are wanting, then draw 2 circles onto the cardboard. Next make the span of the compass smaller and draw a smaller circle in the middle of the larger circle.
  • If using a circular object, draw around this object to get your circle, then draw around the smaller object for the middle circle.
  • Cut out the two circles and then cut out the smaller middle circle.
  • Stack the two circles together.

Step 2: Wrapping the wool.

  • Using your chosen wool colour: cut a long strand of wool and thread it onto the darning needle, hold the tail end of the wool and wrap the wool around the card board template.
  • Continue to wrap the wool all the way around the cardboard circle – using the darning needle will make it easier towards the end when the middle circle starts to fill up. If you run out of wool, cut another strand and continue, holding the tail of the wool and wrapping around the cardboard.
  • Keep wrapping the wool around until the circle is completely covered and the middle smaller circle is full of wool.

Step 3: Cutting the wool.

  • Cut around the edge of the circle, lining the scissors up in the gap between the two pieces of cardboard.

Step 4: Securing the wool.

  • Cut a piece of wool 20cm long and tie it around the middle of the pom pom in between the two cardboard circles. Tie a knot to secure it, then cut the longer length so it is the same length as the wool in the pom pom.
  • Remove the 2 cardboard circles (you may need to cut them off).



  • You can make a multicoloured pom pom just by using different wool colours while wrapping the wool around.
  • You can make pumpkin themed pom poms by wrapping green wool only around the top middle section of the cardboard circle, and wrapping orange wool around the rest of the circle.
  • If you want to display some pom poms you can make a ew in different sizes, attach them to fabric and display them in an embroidery hoop.

Adding A Crocodile Stitch Border To A Blanket: Crochet Wavy Pom Pom Blanket With Crocodile Stitch Border


After finishing the main part of my crochet Pom Pom blanket using a wavy stitch, I was undecided on what to do for the border. I had a few ideas in mind ranging from a basic dc stitch around in different coloured rows, a fan effect around using trebles, or waves around. However after seeing the crocodile stitch in Simply Crochet magazine issue 26 I knew this was the one to go for, as it is a bit different and a perfect match to the slightly crazy Pom Pom blanket!

Also I have never tried this stitch before and I love to try something new. It did take a while to get the hang of, especially as I had to change it slightly from the pattern to get what I wanted with the stitch so that it would point outwards from the blanket rather than inward to the blanket. I did wonder why I decided to pick something I hadn’t done before and it has taken me a while but it was definitely worth the trouble as it really finishes the blanket off and gives a bit of texture around the edges, and now I have a new stitch in my inventory! I already have another project in mind using it! I did a row of sc stitches around the edge first in pink ready for the border to go on to. I then used an orangy colour for the first set of crocodile stitches around.

Crocodile stitch edging:

To get the crocodile stitch to go around a blanket:

Round 1 – Round of sc.

Complete a round of sc stitches the whole way around the blanket.

Round 2 – Creating the V posts.

ch4, tr(UK)/dc(US) into stitch at base of ch, *skip 2 stitches, tr(UK)/dc(US), ch1, tr(UK)/dc(US) into next stitch (this created the first v group), repeat from *the whole way around. This them created the v group posts for the crocodile stitch to go into.

Fasten off After completing the first row.

Round 3 – Working on the v posts.

Fasten off in the same colour as the previous row at the base of a treble post from row 1:

ch3, then I completed 4 tr(UK)/dc(US) up to the top of the post, ch1, then 5tr(UK)/dc(US) down the next post in the v, rather than the pattern which went down the first post then up the next. Then the same as the pattern I *skipped the next v post and Then at the next v stitch I started at the base, 5tr(UK)/dc(US) up to top then 5tr(UK)/dc(US) back down the next post. Then I repeated from * the whole way around the blanket.

Trebles going up the first part of the v post.
Trebles going down the next side of the v post.
Completed crocodile stitch.

Rounds 4 and 5: Repeat rounds 2 and 3 in another colour and fasten off. Making sure that for the row after creating the v posts that I put the trebles up and down the v posts in the gap made between the crocodile stitches on row 2, so that they were not directly behind the previous crocodile stitch but in the next v post along.

Creating the second round of v posts.
Two rows of crocodile stitch, second round of stitch completed in the v post between two crocodile stitches on the first rows.

I did one round in orange and one round in the pink from the blanket, I didn’t do any more as I thought it would make the border too heavy.

I can’t believe I am at the end of this project – it is the biggest crochet project I have undertaken, and it has taken me a while to get through but it has been worth it, I absolutely love this blanket it is just what I wanted. Perfectly snugly for all this cold weather, I think I am going to hibernate in it for a while!

I am really pleased I have managed to get two big projects finished of my list in the last week – this pom Pom blanket and the granny square blanket, however, there are plenty of new projects lining up to fill their space!


Crochet Wavy Pom Pom Blanket Update: I Think My Vision Is Starting To Become Wavy After All These Rows!

I was very excited when my new batch of Pom Pom wool arrived after my flow of crocheting waves upon waves was rudely disturbed after running out of it! My excitement was subdued slightly by the prospect of balling the skeins but after a dramatic battle of winding against a barrage of Pom poms my excitement had fully returned and I was ready to get back crocheting again!

After a huge 83 rows in total the main part of the blanket is finished!! I have decided that I want to do a border around the edge of it before I have finished it, I can’t quite decide between a few things I have in mind, so I am going to have a think and good look at the blanket and decide what I think will look best before starting!

Even though I don’t know what edging I will be doing, I have at least decided on the colour – I have an orange colour the same colour as one of the Pom poms to use, and I might also use the pink colour from in the blanket I have already used. Hopefully I will have the edging finished a lot quicker than the rest of the blanket! Almost at the end of the biggest crochet project I have undertaken – won’t be long until I can cosy up in it – I can’t wait!


Crochet Wavy Pom Pom Blanket Project – Waves Upon Waves..With A Couple Of Pom Poms Thrown In For Good Measure!

The idea for a crochet blanket happened when I saw some wool in a shop with Pom poms attached – Designer Yarns jester wool in baby mint (colour 6). I liked it to much I bought a load of it with the idea of making a blanket. However I couldn’t quite decide on what pattern to do and it has taken me a while to find something I like for an idea. When I made the book mark using the wavy technique I really liked the effect and decided I would make the blanket using this pattern and alternate between the Pom pom wool and other colours.

I selected a 4mm hook, and started with a chain of 196 (14 sets of 14, and 3 for a turning chain). I used the same technique to start the wave pattern off as I did for the wavy bookmark I completed previously, following the guide on I find this a very helpful guide to follow to get started. I have decided to do 3 rows in the Pom Pom wool and 2 rows In the next colour before going back to the Pom Pom wool. The other colours I have chosen are a blue, yellow, purple and a pink.

I’ve got a couple of rows completed so far an really like how it’s coming together, I am hoping it doesn’t take to long to make as I want to start using it already!