Among Us Crewmate Character Corner To Corner Crochet Pattern

I’ve been trying to get through a few projects that have been in my to do list for ages – some have been half started and I’ve decided to try and get through some of those first before taking on new projects off the list!

First up is an Among Us Crewmate corner to corner make, I’ve had this drawn out and a few rows started for a few weeks but am glad I’ve finally focussed on it and got it finished – so glad in fact, I’ve already got a few more ideas for some more in different colours and poses – I need to make sure I don’t get distracted and start making those before I get through a few more makes off my list!

This pattern is available over on Patreon and is the free make for June for my Patreon subscribers.

Crochet Fox Book Buddy/Bookmark Pattern

After making my Yoda book buddy I wanted to try something similar but with a slightly different approach, rather than creating a square from rows I decided to use a granny square as the basis for the square. I decided to do a slightly different square pattern from the traditional granny square and changed colour during one of the rounds to add in the ear detail rather than sewing that on afterwards.

I wasn’t too sure if I had done the right thing until I added the nose and eye detail and was super happy to see the idea had worked! (There are many failed ideas in my projects bag that haven’t been as successful!)

This pattern is available for free for my Patreons over on Patreon – along with lots of other free patterns:

Crochet Corner To Corner Summer Lolly Sunglasses Case Pattern

I’ve gone for a summery themed make for this months free pattern over on Patreon with this lolly sunglasses case.

I used Corner to Corner crochet to get the lolly design (love a bit of corner to corner crochet and how the design gradually appears) and added some sprinkles for a little extra detail.

The pattern is free for my Patreon members, along with other free and exclusive patterns.

Crochet Lego Four Dot Brick Pattern

Let’s get building….. with some crochet Lego blocks

It’s been too long since I made some Lego themed crochet, my previous makes of a 6 dot Lego block doorstop, Lego tissue box cover and some Lego block blankets are still some of my favourite makes and always make me smile when I see them.

So a few weeks ago I decided it was time to get cracking and make a new Lego make. Since making my Lego 6 dot block I have been wanting to make a 4 dot block so I got some red wool out of my stash and got making.

I love how this block has turned out, I think I need to make a 1 dot next…….

The pattern for this is free and exclusive on my Patreon page (along with lots of other goodies).