Embroidered Hoop Adventures, Part 2: Wise Owl


Time for another embroidered hoop, off with the birds this time with an owl

Since completing my fox embroidery hoop Ive been working on another, this time an owl.  This had more embroidered details on it than the fox due to the front feathered chest section so took me a little longer to put together but am super happy with how it has turned out.

Embroidered Owl Hoop Assembly Instructions

  • To make the hoop I drew out the owl outline on paper, then traced this onto the fabric background.  I then went around the outlines in a backstitch and infilled the outlines using different embroidered patterns.
  • To frame it in the hoop I made sure it was centralised and really tightened the hoop so it wouldn’t move at all once it was put together. 
  • Then I cut the fabric around the hoop 4cm from the edge of the hoop. 
  • After completing a round of stitching 1cm from the edge of the fabric I pulled the thread tight to pull in the edges of the fabric and completed a few stitches to secure.
  • A round piece of felt could then be sewn onto the back to hide the gathered back.
  • For hanging I used two  pieces of different coloured ribbon (30 cm) and attached a loop through the hoop fastening along with a bow in the same two ribbon colours (55 cm).

Crochet Bat From Edward’s Menagerie

Went a bit batty trying to finish this one off but have managed to complete my third animal make of the week – flapping in is a very cute bat…

I have managed to complete a third animal from Edward’s Menagerie by Kerry Lord this week, I wasn’t too sure how many I would get finished when I set out on my week of making these animals but I am happy that at day 5 I have got three made.

I opted to use a 3mm hook on this one and a striped brown and cream wool for the body and black for the wings. This one has taken me the longest out of the three made so far as the legs took a little longer with 2 of them being a bit longer and the wings proved to be a bit of a challenge! It took me quite a few attempts to get the wings looking right, I lost count of the amount of times I had to unravel all of what I had done as it wasn’t lining up correctly. All the unravelling drove me a bit batty but it was worth it and in really happy with how they have turned out, almost back to being my non-batty self now – although think I was a bit before I started to be honest! 

Despite being a bat I think this make is pretty cute, I love it’s ears! This one is going to be a perfect gift for Halloween – long time away I know but I like to be prepared and have things made with plenty of time to spare!  

Now it’s time to get back to crocheting more of these animals – I think I might have time to squeeze in one more before I have to get back to my other projects!