Crochet Leopard Hat From Vanessa Mooncie’s Crochet Animal Hats

Following in the leaps of the frog hat, sneaking in is a very cute leopard one

I really enjoyed making my frog hat from Vanessa Mooncie’s crocheted animal hats book and wanted to make a few more as Christmas gifts for friends. I managed to find a little time Inbetween some quilts I am making (and that are starting to take over!) to make a leopard one – this took me a little longer than the frog to finish as you have to make and sew on all the individual spots which takes a little while as there are quite a few. It was definitely worth the extra work though.  

For the ear flap ties I did a slightly different finish and plaited three strands of yellow wool.  
Now I’ve got the difficult decision of which animal to pick next – I like them all!