Granny Square A Week Blanket Project: Part 6 – Almost Enough For A Full Bus Trip!


I’ve been trooping along with the granny squares from the simply crochet app and have managed to make 5 more. So now I have 22 In total and only 7 Granny square patterns left to catch up with!

I have really enjoyed these granny square makes, it’s great when you can sneak in a quick make when you have a few spare minutes and not have to worry about finding your place again when you go back as you can start a new granny pattern!

Introducing (sorry it’s such a tight squeeze in there!)
Granny Constance
Granny Ardith
Granny Emily
Granny Rosemary
Granny Enid

Granny Square A Week Blanket Project: Part 4 – Grannies, Grannies, Grannies….


I seem to be stacking up granny squares all over in my craft box, I am almost halfway there and have made another five to add to the pile!

Stacking into the pack we have:

Granny Aisla
Granny Betty
Granny Myrtle
Granny Mabel
Granny Doris

I’m really pleased with how all of these are turning out and I’m looking forward to putting them all together. Although I think it will be quite a task as they are all different sizes… I do love a challenge!

Granny Square A Week Blanket Project: Part 3 – A Big Welcome To The Pack To Three Very Special Grannies


I have found myself with a little bit of spare time (I must have forgotten to do or get something to end up with it!) and managed to get some more granny squares completed from the square a week app. These will go together with my other finished squares ready to be out together into a blanket once I get them all finished…I’m getting there very slowly!

These three Grannies have very special meaning to me as they are all named after people very close to me and my family’s hearts. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them named in the crochet a granny square a week app, as soon as I saw them I knew I had to make them, and it was one of the main reasons I wanted to make something with all these granny squares.

A Big Welcome to

Granny Joan
Granny Marjorie and
Granny Violet