This flamingo cushion will always stand out from the crowd!

I’ve had the idea for a flamingo cushion for a while now and when I received some Essential Trends fat quarters in pink by The Craft Cotton Company I knew they would be perfect for making one with.

It was great fun putting this cushion together and I have kept him sat on my craft desk as it makes me smile whenever I look at it – I will have to make some to go in some other rooms!

The tutorial to make your own is available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog :

Crochet Hooded Flamingo Blanket

Ive been working on a few more crochet hooded blankets and the first new blanket out the craft basket is this very bright and happy flamingo!




The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop along with my other hooded blanket patterns:



Now to get back to finishing the others!





Pretty and pink crochet flamingo – with a bonus bit of sparkle too

After a craft disaster which I still can’t bring myself to talk about…I decided something bright and sparkly was needed, I came across a pattern for a little crochet flamingo on Pinterest ( and knew it would be perfect for bringing a bit of brightness – you can’t beat a bit of pink.  

I had some pink sparkly  wool which was perfect, i’m going to make a couple more as you can never have too many flamingoes! 

After a short break the birds are back, and first out the bag is a fabulous flamingo 

I have had a random assortment of legs, beaks, wings and bodies in my craft bag for a while now since my last flurry of bird makes, and have finally found some time to make the final few pieces and put these birds together. The first completed and strutting out happily is a very fabulous and very pink flamingo.  

The pattern for this flamingo is from Kerry Lords book, Edwards Menagerie: birds