Crochet Mallard Duck Hooded Blanket Pattern

Time to get quacking with your very own mallard duck crochet hooded blanket

The hooded blanket makes are continuing with this very happy mallard duck.  

There are now also two sizes in the pattern for all the hooded blankets. 

The pattern for this is available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Ed’s Birds Crochet Mallard: Another Bird Has Left The Increasingly Overcrowded Nest


The next bird I decided to make from Edwards Menagerie: birds was the mallard, there’s so many I am wanting to make I couldn’t quite decide which to start next so I actually started on a few at the same time. I now have a few (well at least 5!) birds in various stages of completion with bodies and legs and wings in different bags! I didn’t have enough wool to finish a few of the half made birds but I had just enough to finish the mallard so he was the lucky one to get finished next!

Love this little duck, such a cutie!