Crochet Stegosaurus Storage Baskets Pattern: Ready For Some Dinosaur Adventures

I wanted to make a few more storage baskets and decided to make some with a dinosaur theme – so here are some stegosaurus storage baskets, might see if I can do a few more different dinosaurs patterns over the next few weeks.

Pattern now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Crochet Dinosaur Tail Blanket Pattern: Time To Unleash Your Inner Dinosaur!

I’ve been working on a dinosaur tail and a pattern to make one for a while now, it’s been quite a challenge but I finally got the pattern finished and tested a few days ago.  

Pattern is available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shop:

I opted for a green and beige mix, but you could use whatever wool colour combinations you like for this, you can also pick as many spikes you prefer so could opt to put more/less on than I have or use a different variety of the spike sizes available in the pattern. 

Despite His Size This Cute Little Crochet Dinosaur Can Make Quite A Roar!

I made a couple of crochet dinosaurs a while ago using a DMC Dinosaurs Amigurumi pattern (number: 14899L/2) and DMC Natura just Cotton, and have been waiting for an opportunity to make some again. Finally that opportunity arose last week and I could get started on making another of the little cuties!

This time I opted for some slightly different wool from the DMC Natura just cotton, and used a dk knit from SIRDAR in Crofter Dk Fair Isle effect. I also used a slightly bigger hook in a 4mm. The spikes are made using some purple wool I found in my wool basket, unfortunately I don’t have the info on that one – I can’t find the tag for it anywhere.
With the thicker wool and bigger hook this dinosaur has come out a little bigger than the previous ones but I am super happy with that, I’m also really please with it working out using the changing colour wool.

He’s now off to practice his roaring…..

Last project for Christmas finished and with perfect timing! Introducing 2 cute crochet dinosaurs!

When I saw the pattern for these dinosaurs in a craft shop I just had to make them – I know a little one who absolutley loves dinosaurs so knew they would be perfect! The pattern was a DMC amigurumi pattern (number 14889L/2) And I used DMC Natura Just Cotton in Prussian N64 (bright blue) Passion N23 (orangey red), Tournesol N16 (yellow), Pistache N13 (green), Ibiza N01 (white), light green N12, and Noir N11 (black) to make them. I chose to make one with scales and one with spots, I really liked the stripy one too so I will make that one another time, I ran out of time to make all three!.

The pattern was really simple to follow and the dinosaurs came together in no time, the longest time taken was putting them together and making sure all the spikes and arms were in the right place! I think they look great, I will be sad to see them go but I know they are going to someone who will be over the moon when they open them, I will just have to make myself some more!

So glad I managed to get everything ready in time for Christmas – just! I look forward to a short break from everything crafty and will be enjoying lots of mince pies! Although I have a mountain of projects to get started on for myself including a new patchwork quilt, a crochet blanket and to finish my half started granny square blanket – so I won’t be taking too long a break!

Merry Christmas everyone!