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Crochet How To Guide: Block Stitch

Perfect for blankets and looks great when used to make a cushion, block stitch can also be used for scarves, hats and loads more other crochet projects. You can use one colour for it all, alternate between two colours or even use a different colour every row. I have some patterns which use this stitch… Continue reading Crochet How To Guide: Block Stitch

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How To – Crochet Ribbing/Ribbed Stitch

Having a ribbed edge on a project is perfect for all sorts of making including: hats, cowls, gloves and sleeves for jumpers. Its something I have often been asked on how to do so I thought i'd put together little how to..... 'How To' guide for starting a ribbed stitch using sc stitches. Make a… Continue reading How To – Crochet Ribbing/Ribbed Stitch