A Year in stitches weeks 18-23

I’ve just about kept up over the last few weeks – its been close but somehow I have managed it!

Its really starting to fill up now – i’m hoping that my choice of using a smaller hoop doesn’t end up causing me problems of not having enough space!

Week 18: Thistles completed and two dahlias added.


Week 19: Pine needles and winter pansies started.


Week 20:  Winter pansies completed.


Week 21:  Heather and red berries added.



Week 22: Asters added.


Weeks 23: Pumpkins and season names added.


I needed to make a couple of cards and I think I might have got a bit carried away..Part 1: Tilly Daydream cards

I had a couple of cards I needed to make for some upcoming birthdays so I got out my stash and got together the bits I was wanting to make the cards with when some things caught my eye, first an ultimate card pack of Tilly Daydream by Docrafts Papermania which I completely forget I had bought, and second some dies for my die cut machine I haven’t yet had a chance to use. I decided since I was already doing a few cards already  a couple more would do no harm.  I opted to start first on the Tilly Daydream ultimate card pack, so will stick on that in this post, I will focus on my use of the dies in another one so the details of the accessories used don’t get mixed up. 
The card pack contained a very good amount of card making accessories including:
– 32 patterned cards in 8 different designs and envelopes
– Cream ribbon
– 20 decoupage sheets with 5 different designs 
– 56 adhesive pearl gems of varying sizes
Apart from using some Docrafts Papermania Bakers twine in spots and stripes pastels on a few of the cards I only used what was contained within the kit to make all of these cards.  I was very pleasantly surprised by this as usually I end up having to dig into my stash to find a lot more extra bits for embellishments when I get a card pack.  I also still have plenty of papers and decoupage card toppers to make a lot more cards.  Often I find in card packs there just isn’t enough contained within them to make the number of cards they indicate – clearly not the case for this.  
As you can tell I am very happy with this card pack, I love the Tilly Daydream range, and I am pleased with the cards I have made from it, I think the recipients will be happy too, how can they not be – they are just so cute!