Sewing Tutorial: Cute Mini Patchwork Triangle Easter Rabbits

Happily hopping out of the sewing pile are some rather cute Easter rabbits.

I wasn’t too sure whether I would have enough time to get all the Easter makes I wanted made in time this year, but despite my initial worries I am slowly starting to make some progress on my ‘to do’ list so hopefully I will get most of them completed in time – the rest will have to wait until next year!.

The next completed make out of the sewing pile (which is ridiculously big at the moment!) is some very cute Easter rabbits. I made some triangle chickens a few years ago and have been wanting to do a few variations on these ever since – scarily that was over 4 years ago – I really need to stop adding more projects to my to do list!,

These little rabbits are perfect for using up fabric leftovers – I love a project that can use fabric leftovers as it means they wont go to waste. The great thing with these rabbits is that even really small fabric leftovers can be used since you could make each part in a different colour or even use patchwork pieces for the parts for the really small fabric leftovers. I used fabric leftovers from The Craft Cotton Company fat quarters for these rabbits.

I cant wait to make a few more of these – and hopefully I will have time to make a few more variations – hopefully it wont be as long a wait for the next ones!

Triangle Rabbits Pattern:


Fabric – This project is great for using up fabric leftovers from other projects as all the pieces could even be in different colours.






Toy stuffing

Embroidery thread for face details


1- Make the templates for the rabbits.  On to paper draw out:

A triangle with 14cm sides.

An outer ear shape 12cm high.

An inner ear piece 8cm high. 

2- Cut out the templates and use them to cut out your fabrics, each rabbit needs 4 triangle pieces (3 body pieces and a base), 4 outer ear pieces and 2 inner ear pieces.

3- Take an inner ear piece and place onto one of the outer ear pieces with both pieces with right sides facing upwards.  Sew around the edge of the inner ear to secure. 

4- Take another outer ear piece and place right side down on top and sew around leaving a 4cm gap for turning on the side of the ear.  Turn out the right way and sew the gap closed. Repeat with the remaining ear pieces to make the second ear.  

5- Take two of the triangles, place right side together and sew down the side to secure leaving a 1cm gap at the bottom.

6 – Take one of the ears and turn in the side edges at the base of the ear so they meet in the middle then place right side down on top of a triangle piece. Pin to secure, then place the joined triangle pieces on top and sew down the side to secure.  Repeat with the other ear on the other side.

7- Take the remaining triangle and pin to the bottom of the joined triangle pieces.  Sew to secure, leaving a 5cm gap for turning. 

8- Turn out the right way and place the stuffing into the rabbit.  Sew the gap closed.

9- Using embroidery thread and a running stitch sew on eyes, nose and mouth details.

10- Make a pom pom with white wool and a 2.5cm pom pom maker (or pieces of card).  Sew to the back of the rabbit.

A Year In Stitches Weeks 18-23

I’ve just about kept up over the last few weeks – its been close but somehow I have managed it!

Its really starting to fill up now – i’m hoping that my choice of using a smaller hoop doesn’t end up causing me problems of not having enough space!

Week 18: Thistles completed and two dahlias added.


Week 19: Pine needles and winter pansies started.


Week 20:  Winter pansies completed.


Week 21:  Heather and red berries added.


Week 22: Asters added.


Weeks 23: Pumpkins and season names added.


Card Making: Tilly Daydream cards

I had a couple of cards I needed to make for some upcoming birthdays so I got out my stash and got together the bits I was wanting to make the cards with when some things caught my eye, first an ultimate card pack of Tilly Daydream by Docrafts Papermania which I completely forget I had bought, and second some dies for my die cut machine I haven’t yet had a chance to use. I decided since I was already doing a few cards already  a couple more would do no harm.  

I opted to start first on the Tilly Daydream ultimate card pack, so will stick on that in this post, I will focus on my use of the dies in another one so the details of the accessories used don’t get mixed up.     

The card pack contained a very good amount of card making accessories including:

  • 32 patterned cards in 8 different designs and envelopes.
  • Cream ribbon.
  • 20 decoupage sheets with 5 different designs.
  • 56 adhesive pearl gems of varying sizes.    

Apart from using some Docrafts Papermania Bakers twine in spots and stripes pastels on a few of the cards I only used what was contained within the kit to make all of these cards.  

I was very pleasantly surprised by this as usually I end up having to dig into my stash to find a lot more extra bits for embellishments when I get a card pack.  I also still have plenty of papers and decoupage card toppers to make a lot more cards.  Often I find in card packs there just isn’t enough contained within them to make the number of cards they indicate – clearly not the case for this.      

As you can tell I am very happy with this card pack, I love the Tilly Daydream range, and I am pleased with the cards I have made from it, I think the recipients will be happy too, how can they not be – they are just so cute!