They were supposed to have 6 petals, I have no idea where one went…


As I have mentioned previously, this year is quickly becoming the year of the coasters and I have just put together yet another set for a gift (think we’re up to at least set 7 by now!). I saw a motif pattern for a flower I really liked – again from Simply Crochet Issue 22. In the magazine they used different shades of green to create a really nice flower within a shaped surround.

I had some leftover flecked wool which I really liked and I matched two of the colours out of the fleck to use and off I went. I made all 6 of the middle parts of the coasters (the flower part) first with the flecked wool. However, it was only once I had made these that I realised I may haven been a bit too keen with cracking on with them, and clearly hadn’t read the first part of the pattern properly – the flower was meant to have 6 petals, mine all had only 5! I have no idea how I managed to miss a petal off from all of them, but I still liked the look of the flower so decided to carry on with them with just the 5 petals and hoped they would still look good at the end!

Once I had completed the final few rounds I was really happy that I had carried on, as although different to the original pattern, I still think they look really good. I’m really pleased with how the colours have gone together and I hope the recipient is as happy with them as I was!

P.S. If completed using the six petals, they can be joined together to make a larger mat.


Hooked on coasters!


After the success of the crochet leaf and heart coasters, and after seeing so many motif patterns in Simply Crochet magazine which would make nice coasters, I decided to make some more sets which I could use as part of some Christmas gifts.

The first set I made was this lovely peony pattern from Simply Crochet (Issue 16). I used three shades of purple for these as the recipient is currently looking for some purple accessories for their newly decorated lounge.


Very quick and easy to make and I think they look really pretty.

I have now got my eye on making some Christmassy coasters for myself, as I have just come across a pattern for a nice lacy snowflake motif! (Simply Crochet, Issue 13).   I will have to add these to the ever-increasing list of coasters to make! I think this year will definitely be the year of the coaster!


Anniversary present problem solved… heart coasters


I was having some difficulty in thinking of something to make for a relatives upcoming wedding anniversary until I stumbled across a pattern in Simply Crochet magazine (Issue 14) for a heart square motif. I knew these would make great little coasters and also provide a small personal gift that could be utilised, rather than another ornament or cross-stitch sampler.


These were really easy to make and came together very quickly. I choose to do them in three different colours, with the same pale background, which I knew the person receiving them would like. I think they look really good and the recipient was very pleased with them too.


Perfect find for someone who loves trees… Crochet leaf coasters!



I was racking my brain for a crafty gift idea for a relative that might be relevant to their love of trees, plants and all things nature when I came upon this perfect pattern for some crochet leaf coasters. I was flicking through a bunch of old magazines I had amassed when I saw this pattern in Inside Crochet (Issue 50). The fact I had some left over 4ply cotton in varying shades of green and brown made it even better…




This project was rated as 3 out of 5 stars for difficulty. I was a bit nervous to start with as it was a relatively complex pattern for me and I was still quite a beginner. It had varying stitch placements, number of stitches and quick variations in the type of stitches. This pattern also introduced me to the DC picot stitch. However, despite this, after only a few starts and re-starts I got the hang of the pattern relatively quickly. I had to focus on following the pattern closely when completing the first one but I eventually did it, although I doubt it was in record time! Once I had completed the first one, it was much easier to work through the remaining 5 needed to compete the set! Now that they are all completed, I am very happy with how they turned out… so happy in fact I made some extra ones for myself!


The moral of this make – never throw away an old magazine or left over wool… It will always come in handy!