Card Making: Practising Quilling With Some Flowers Cards


Whenever I am busy with a lot of crochet and sewing projects my card making tends to take a back seat, and today I went for a card to send someone and realised my made card box was in a bad way – I had hardly any left!

Therefore I decided since I have got a few crochet projects out the way I was going to take a day to make some more cards! I started looking through my old card magazines for some ideas and saw two straight away in some old Papercraft Inspirations magazines that used quilling, I love doing quilling so set about making then straight away, after digging out all my card making bits to find the right cards and papers I wanted to use – which took a ridiculously long amount of time, I need to have a clear out of get making some more cards to use some of it up!

I choose similar colours as the magazine for the watering can card as I love purple so there was no colour better I could pick! I choose some slightly different colours for the bouquet of flowers so I could sneak in some purple and choose a brighter shade of red.

It took me a while to get all of the bits made, and it is quite fiddly to get them all stuck down but I am really happy with them – the bouquet of flowers I am going to use as my Mother’s Day card as it is perfect for it!.


Card Making: Floral Themed Cards


I got a docrafts goody bag a few weeks ago (the November 2014 Issue) and have been looking forward to making some cards using the items included. Finally I was able to sit down and have a go at putting some together this morning. I really like the docrafts goody bags as you get a really good range of bits and bobs that you can have a good play with and make some really good cards, and there is so much in them there is plenty to make a lot of cards.

I used the docrafts Anita’s foiled decoupage sheets in lavender and bright flowers to make the decoupage card toppers for each of the cards, and used the coloured card (docrafts Papermania capsule collection – french lavender, 50 sheets) and buttons (docrafts Papermania bare basics wooden buttons) all of which was included in the goody bag, I also used some string I had in my stash (docrafts Papermania capsule collection spots and stripes).

I’ve only made 4 so far, and have used all the decoupage sheets from the goody bag, but have plenty of the card and paper sheets (docrafts Papermania capsule collection – French lavender 6×6″ paper pack) left along with some die-cut notelets (docrafts Papermania, French lavender) to put with other items in my stash to make some more cards.

Wasn’t too sure how well these would turn out, but I am really happy with them.