Crochet Gecko Bookmark

I found another bookmark pattern on Pinterest for a gecko which I knew would be perfect for some of my other book gifts, and had a wool in my stash which I have been wanting to use on a project for a while now – always an added bonus when you actually have the right wool already!

I have made 3 of these little cuties so far and will be doing a few more to go with my remaining book gifts…

Link to the pattern;

Amigurumi Crochet Gecko Bookmark – “Book-Gecko”


Crochet Cloud And Rainbow Bookmark


Such a cute little cloud – how could I not make one of these crochet bookmarks!

I’ve got quite a few book gifts this year and wanted to add just a little something with them that I had made so I decided to make some crochet bookmarks after seeing some very cute patterns on Pinterest.

The first is a very cute rainbow and cloud bookmark which I found the link to on Pinterest:

I love the face details – especially the rosy cheeks! I will be making one of these for myself next!


Crochet Wavy Bookmark – Perfect For Someone Who Is Always Loosing Them!

A close friend of mine is book mad, however, they are constantly losing their bookmarks and consequently spend half their time trying to find what page they were on! Currently they have resorted to folding over the corner of the page but I know they are not too happy doing this. I have bought them a book for Christmas and had a think about making a bookmark that might be a bit more difficult to lose! I saw a wavy crochet pattern a while ago and really liked the effect it gave so decided to make the bookmark using this. To make it slightly more difficult to lose by just falling out I decided to make it into a full loop to go the whole way around the book like an elastic band but not quite as tight!

I had no idea how to start with the wavy pattern so had a look online and came across a pattern which made complete sense and made it look very easy to do!


For my base chain, I chained enough so that the length would fit snugly around the book, and then I followed the pattern. I did three rows, each one in a different colour and then fastened off. I then slip stitched the ends of the rows together to join.


I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out, but I am really pleased with it. Hopefully this one lasts a bit longer than the other bookmarks they have had!