Ed’s Birds Crochet Macaw: Following The Flamingo Out Of A Tangle Of Wings And Beaks And Squawking Happily 

The number of bird makes remaining in my craft bag are slowly reducing (after completing a Flamingo, Kiwi, Dodo, and Swan) – there’s only a few left in there now and the next completed bird to make its way out is this lovely macaw.

I love the bright colours of this macaw, perfect to brighten up any dull day.

This macaw is from Kerry Lords book, Edwards menagerie: birds.

After A Short Break The Ed’s Birds Makes Are Back: First up – A Fabulous Flamingo

I have had a random assortment of legs, beaks, wings and bodies in my craft bag for a while now since my last flurry of bird makes, and have finally found some time to make the final few pieces and put these birds together. The first completed and strutting out happily is a very fabulous and very pink flamingo.  

The pattern for this flamingo is from Kerry Lords book, Edwards Menagerie: birds 

Crochet Ed’s Birds Pelican With Mini Fish Makes Pattern

As soon as I saw this pattern in Edwards Menagerie: birds by Kerry Lord I knew I had to make it, and I just had to make some little fishes for him to catch in his beak! 

My bag of bird makes in progress is now slowly starting to thin out a bit, I now only have a flamingo, macaw and a kiwi bird to finish off and put together! After those I think I will be taking a little break from the birds, otherwise I won’t get any of my other makes finished! 

Mini fish pattern:


Blue Wool

4mm Hook.


Ch2, 2sc into second ch from hook.
Row 1: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) 2sc into same stitch twice.

Row 2-3: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) sc along row. 

Row 4: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) sc2tog twice. 

Row 5: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) sc along row. 

Row 6: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) 2sc into same stitch twice 

Row 7: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) 2sc into same stitch, 2sc, 2sc into same stitch 
ch1 and slip stitch around the edge of the fish 

Tapping Up Quite A Racket A Very Smart Crochet Ed’s Birds Woodpecker

Another great pattern from Kerry Lords book Edwards Menagerie: birds, is this woodpecker. It’s managed to squeeze it’s way out from all the legs, wings, tails and other bird parts I have in progress in my craft basket which was quite a task as it is getting very squashed in there now.  I bet it is glad to get out and stretch its wings! 

Ed’s Birds Crochet Mallard: Another Bird Has Left The Increasingly Overcrowded Nest


The next bird I decided to make from Edwards Menagerie: birds was the mallard, there’s so many I am wanting to make I couldn’t quite decide which to start next so I actually started on a few at the same time. I now have a few (well at least 5!) birds in various stages of completion with bodies and legs and wings in different bags! I didn’t have enough wool to finish a few of the half made birds but I had just enough to finish the mallard so he was the lucky one to get finished next!

Love this little duck, such a cutie!

Ed’s Birds Crochet Toucan: Bit Of A Bird Make Takeover From Eds Birds


I recently received a copy of Edwards menagerie: birds by Kerry Lord (thank you Santa!!), I really liked the previous Edwards Menagerie book so was hopeful I would enjoy this new one as much, and I wasn’t disappointed.
There were so many birds I liked I wasn’t too sure where to start but after much thought I decided to start with the toucan, I just love the beak on this, it looks great! I opted to do the feet in a steely blue after looking at some itches of toucans and seeing some do have bluey feet, which was a big saviour to the problem I had of having no grey wool late one evening while making it!

I’ve already got the parts to a few other birds underway so be prepared for quite a few birds to be flocking on here over the next few days!