Crochet Abbreviations 

Here’s a list of all the crochet abbreviations used in my patterns;

dc/sc: UK double crochet/US Single crochet.

htr/hdc : UK half treble/US half double.

trb/dc: UK treble/US double.

dtrb/trb: UK double treble/US treble.

trtrb/dtr: UK triple treble/US double treble.

ch: chain.

ss: slip stitch.

sc2tog: single crochet two together.

htr/hdc2tog: half double/half treble crochet two together.


6 thoughts on “Crochet Abbreviations 

  1. Hi, ive recently purchased some off your patterns on Etsy. Owl basket, bear basket, and the summer garden. I am new to crochet, and pattern reading . For the baskets it says SC , single crochet, whats confusing me is, if it states sc is this US terms. Can you tell me if your patterns are generally US terminology or UK. I started the large basket and got to row 20, my work was huge, i was doing SC , Us. I took work out to start again but b4 i do just thought id ask.
    Thank you Amanda


    1. Thank you for purchasing my patterns. The patterns are in both US and UK terms, and the main basket is worked in single crochet (sometimes dc in UK crochet but often sc which is the same as US so I use the term sc for both UK and US terminology).
      How big is the base of the large basket that you have made? The size should be approximately 26cm across (the large is quite big)


  2. Hi thank you for your quick reply , its measuring about 32 cms. Goodness knows why. I have taken it out to start again. Really excited to start again as its a gift for my great nephew, whom i havent met yet, he was born during lockdown, so only seen photos. These are for deco in his bedroom. Once ive finished ill post a photo. You can give me your opinion. Thanks again.


    1. Is your wool a DK or is it a heavier weight?
      It could also be you gained a few extra stitches on the rounds too – I always manage to do that so I end up counting how many stitches I have after each increase round. Let me know how you get on and if you have any other problems just let me know. I look forward to seeing it once it is finished – I’m sure it will look great.
      Will be a lovely gift – I hope you get to meet him very soon.
      Many thanks


      1. Hi, in actual fact, the wool is aran. I’m guessing this is why its larger then it should be. Stitches are ok, checked and counted each round. I have purchased some dk wool to make in the colour asked for. Once ive completed I’ll shall definatly show andcshare my result.
        Thanks again


      2. Yep, the arran wool will have made it slightly larger. The pattern will still work out ok if you want to use the arran it will just be bigger in size – you might want to use a bigger hook size if you use arran those so the tension isn’t too tight.
        Once you have tried it in the DK too you will be able to see how the different wools work out and which you like best.
        I look forward to seeing it when you have got it completed.


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