Time To Brighten The Cold Winter Days With Some Crochet Flowers – First Up: Snowdrops

I have had an idea in mind for some crochet mini flower themed squares that could be joined together to make cushions/blankets for a while but haven’t had a chance to get started on them. With the new year arriving along with the cold winter days I decided it was time to do something to brighten them up and finally get started on these flower squares.

I have a lot of flower ideas in mind (think I will be busy making them for a while!) and it took a bit of time to decide on which to make first, however, after a bit of thinking I decided to start with a flower often seen at this time of year – the Snowdrop.

I opted to do them in a sc stitch in a square format, and will keep all the squares the same size so then can all be joined together at a later date. The size of the square is: 16x16cm.

The pattern to make this snowdrop square is available over on Patreon as this month’s members free pattern.

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