Wooden Cross Stitch Flowers Gift

It can’t be that difficult can it?….This wooden cross stitch gift was definitely more tricky than I thought!

I’ve often seen cross stitch makes where the cross stitch is completed onto a wooden background and have often thought I should see if I can make one. I finally decided it was time a few weeks ago when I started to make a cross stitch gift.

I found some would which I thought would be ok and I drew out my design onto some graph paper which gave me the locations of where I would need to drill the holes into the wood. So far, so good!

I stuck the design down to the wood using masking tape and was ready to start making the holes. This was where it began to get tricky – I managed to drill a hole in completely the wrong place, annoyed was an understatement! So the pattern was drawn out again and put onto a new piece of wood, this time I managed to tear the pattern by drilling too far down into the wood – then again the holes messed up!

Third time I had success – by this point I was behind to loose hope that I would be able to make this work but by slowing down a little (well a lot – we’re talking snail pace here) I was able to get all the holes made. Next it was time to paint and despite being very careful I still managed to clog some of the holes with paint so needed to clear those before I could start sewing.

The sewing part was a lot less stressful and unlike the wooden backing had no mistakes – with all the issues I had with the back I was expecting more trouble!

Really like how it turned out but it may be a while before I make another of these – need to master my technique in making the backing board first!

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