Time for another hooded blanket, this time a toucan

After making the puffin hooded blanket I decided to do another bird blanket and thought I would do a toucan. 
The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop: 


Make your own circus of puffins with this crochet hooded puffin blanket pattern


Ive been working on a few more crochet hooded blanket patterns over the last few months and there are bits of different animals and birds gathering up in my craft basket and starting to overflow all over the place!. In an attempt to reduce the crammed conditions in the craft basket I have managed to get a few put together, the first is a very cute puffin.

The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop:   https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/526825227/hooded-puffin-blanket-crochet-pattern

Time for a bit of cross stitch with this very cute elephant pillow 

I came across the cross stitch pattern for this very cute elephant picture in CrossStitcher magazine issue 281 (2014), and I knew it would make the a perfect gift for a friend whose birthday is coming up. I also found some fabric which was an ideal match to make it into a cushion, this fabric is from the Indian Garden range by The Craft Cotton Company, I love the bright colours and bold patterns of this range. 
I love how this cushion has turned out I Think I may need to make one of these for myself…..