The end is in sight for the Christmas makes, only three more crochet blankets and a couple of scarfs to go…..

Think I might have been a little ambitious this year with the number of crochet blankets I am wanting to make especially with the timescale I had left to do them in. However, I’m not letting the doubt take over and I am carrying on regardless in the hope I might just get them finished in time – it is Christmas after all and there is plenty of magic about! 
The first crochet blanket I have got finished is for a friends new four legged friend, I opted for a granny row stripe blanket and didn’t chose a colour scheme but used a random pattern of different colours based on the odd balls of wool I have in my basket. I did an edging of a granny stitch around to finish it off and it’s all ready to be gifted. 
Now to get the others finished, luckily I have got a start on the scarfs and one of the blankets so I might just about make it!……

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