Bringing even more magic to Christmas with this crochet Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf and Golden Snitch 

Think I could have done with a bit of magic this year with the makes I needed to get finished in time for Christmas, would have definitely made it a bit less manic! However, with this option not available I have had to stick to working away through them all at a slightly frantic pace! 
The next makes off my hook are a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf and golden Snitch. They actually came together much quicker and with fewer problems than I had anticipated, even with making the pattern myself as I went.  

I have made 2 sets of these for 2 big fans of Harry Potter, and I have a feeling I will be making a few more for some more of my friends who are also Harry Potter fans once they see these! 
You could use this pattern to make a scarf for any of the houses, you would just need to change the colour scheme to the correct one for the house. 

Bringing in some magic this Christmas is a very majestic Crochet unicorn 

I thought I was pretty much on top of all the Christmas makes I have left this year, that is until I saw a unicorn uploaded by Toft on Instagram and I suddenly realised I had overlooked a make on my list – a unicorn for a friends little girl. 

Sheer panic started to develop as I didn’t know if I had enough time to make it for passing presents over his weekend. Luckily I had already bought the wool and put it to one side so I could get started straight away and the pattern was from one of my favourite crochet books – Edwards’s menagerie by Kerry Lord. The unicorn is put together using the pattern for the horse with a horn from the highland cow for the unicorn horn – I saw this modification online a while back on their website ( and knew it would be perfect for what I was wanting to make. 
After some frantic hours of crocheting I finished this little cutie late on Friday – just in time to get pictures and wrap early on Saturday before it went off to go under my friends tree….phew! 
Hopefully I have no more makes that have been forgotten about…….

Not long left now,  time for a treat….

A little elf has decided to bring a little treat for anyone wanting to buy something from my Etsy shop, enter the code XMAS2016 at checkout to receive 20% off your order. Valid until 31st December 2016.
For anyone wanting to make a cute little elf for themselves, I found the pattern over on Pinterest and it’s available free:

The end is in sight for the Christmas makes, only three more crochet blankets and a couple of scarfs to go…..

Think I might have been a little ambitious this year with the number of crochet blankets I am wanting to make especially with the timescale I had left to do them in. However, I’m not letting the doubt take over and I am carrying on regardless in the hope I might just get them finished in time – it is Christmas after all and there is plenty of magic about! 
The first crochet blanket I have got finished is for a friends new four legged friend, I opted for a granny row stripe blanket and didn’t chose a colour scheme but used a random pattern of different colours based on the odd balls of wool I have in my basket. I did an edging of a granny stitch around to finish it off and it’s all ready to be gifted. 
Now to get the others finished, luckily I have got a start on the scarfs and one of the blankets so I might just about make it!……

Splashing in before Christmas, a very cute crochet whale and blanket 

When a friend of mine announced she was having a baby I was super excited and started to think of what I could make for when her little one arrived. I saw this pattern on Pinterest and knew straight away it would be perfect, it was so cute! I love how the blanket is stored inside the whale. 
Here’s the link to the pattern:

I opted to use a range of different blues for the blanket, along with a band of pink as I knew it was going to be a baby girl. I managed to get it finished just in time (I was started to get a bit worried!) and was so pleased when my friend opened it and loved it! 

Patchwork drawstring bag – part 2! 

Since my last patchwork drawstring bag I’ve been making a bit more progress through the Christmas makes. Am actually getting trough them a bit quicker than I was expecting so am hopeful I might actually get everything finished! I really want one of these bags for myself, but that will have to wait for now!

I used the very cute scotty dog fabric by The Craft Cotton Company for this one,  and can’t wait for the recipient to open it!
Pattern for this is from Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine issue 40.

Patchwork mug cosy and coaster tutorial 

How cute is this scotty dog fabric by The Craft Cotton Company, I couldn’t wait to get started using it when I arrived! 

This mug cosy and marching coaster would make the perfect Christmas gift, and will keep drinks both warm and looking fantastic too! The added bonus of these is they are quick to make – perfect when your gift makes list is dauntingly long! 

The free tutorial to make your own is available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog:

First of two patchwork drawstring bags is ready to be wrapped for Christmas, making slow progress on these Christmas makes! 

It seems to happen every year, no matter how early I start with the Christmas makes I always seem to be running out of time by the end! It’s starting to happen already this year and I am seriously starting to doubt whether I will get all the things I had planned made in time for Christmas.  

On a happy note I have managed to complete the first of two drawstring patchwork bags I had planned for gifts. I saw this pattern in Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine (issue 40) and knew it would be perfect for some gifts this year, I love the Pom Pom detail on them it really adds to them. 

This lovely fabric is from atbe penguin ski fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company. 

I’ve got the next one cut and ready to be sewn together so hopefully it won’t be too long until it’s finished. In the meantime I need to speed on with all my other Christmas makes in the hope I manage to just get finished in time!