Despite His Size This Cute Little Crochet Dinosaur Can Make Quite A Roar!

I made a couple of crochet dinosaurs a while ago using a DMC Dinosaurs Amigurumi pattern (number: 14899L/2) and DMC Natura just Cotton, and have been waiting for an opportunity to make some again. Finally that opportunity arose last week and I could get started on making another of the little cuties!

This time I opted for some slightly different wool from the DMC Natura just cotton, and used a dk knit from SIRDAR in Crofter Dk Fair Isle effect. I also used a slightly bigger hook in a 4mm. The spikes are made using some purple wool I found in my wool basket, unfortunately I don’t have the info on that one – I can’t find the tag for it anywhere.
With the thicker wool and bigger hook this dinosaur has come out a little bigger than the previous ones but I am super happy with that, I’m also really please with it working out using the changing colour wool.

He’s now off to practice his roaring…..

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