Finally no more chair scraping with these crochet chair leg covers. Part 1 – square legged chairs 

The noise of chairs scraping along a wooden floor can be enough to make you wince, but combine that with them scratching a polished floor at the same time is a major problem that needs a solution before it sends me around the twist! I’ve tried small felt dots on the bottom of the legs which failed miserably after a few days so decided another solution was needed. I had some lovely grey Arran wool leftover from a jumper and it gave me an idea to make some chair leg socks. The first batch were for some square legged chairs. Next up will be some for round legs! 

Square chair leg cover pattern: 


5.5 mm hook

Arran weighted wool in grey pink and green

Stitch marker 
Basic pattern – will give you a base size 5×5 cm. To make it smaller/bigger you just need to alter the number of chain stitches at the start and the number of rows.  

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, dc along row

Row 2-7: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) sc along row

Now working in the round 

Rounds 1-8: sc around 

Pink band with pink flower 

Height when completed – 5cm 

Complete basic pattern upto round 8

After round 8 change to pink 

Round 8: sc around 

Fasten off.

Pink flower 
In pink

Make a magic ring, ch1, 5sc into ring

Round 1: slip stitch ch6 slip stitch into same stitch, then repeat into the next 4 sc. slip stitch into start of the round.

Fasten off leaving thread to attach. Sew flower onto leg cover. 
Green band 

Height when completed – 5cm

Complete basic pattern upto round 8

After round 8, change to green 

Round 8: sc around 

Fasten off.

Height when completed – 4cm

Complete basic pattern upto round 8

Fasten off.

Sew on buttons
Green wavy top

Height when completed – 5cm up to base of wave section

Complete basic pattern upto round 8

Change to green

Round 9: skip sc, 5trb into next sc, skip sc, sc into next sc. repeat another 5 times, slip stitch into next sc

Fasten off. 

Just can’t keep away from these crochet animals, time for a nanny goat 

Every time I put away my Edwards Menagerie book by Kerry Lord planning not to make a few more for a while I always end up going and getting it out again. I just can’t stay away from it for long, there is always a need to make another! 

This time it’s a Nanny goat, who is having a great time chilling out in the garden by the look of these pictures, don’t know how they will feel when the weather starts getting colder! 

Halloween bottle cover pattern, for that extra bit of spookiness this Halloween

I don’t think you can ever have too much spookiness at Halloween, and these bottle covers are perfect for any Halloween parties, I’ve still got some ideas for a few more so won’t be long until a few more scare their way in! 

The pattern to make these is available now over on my Etsy shop. 

Bright and flowery iPad case tutorial

I recently completed an iPad case tutorial for The Craft Cotton Company using their new lovely floral sketches fat quarter set. I added on a pocket for storing a USB cable – no excuse for misplacing them with one of these cases! 

Link to this free tutorial and many more on their blog: