Swanning it’s way out is the last bird make for a little while and it’s….well it’s a swan! 

I loved this bird when I saw it in Edward’s Menagerie: birds by Kerry Lord and I have been wanting to make it ever since, unfortunately during my previous bird making sprees a number of other bird makes have been sneaking their way ahead of it, but finally I have now been able to get it made. The wait was definitely worth it though, really makes me smile! 

A drawstring playmat – Perfect for reducing any standing on stray toy incidents and ideal for quick tidying up 

I completed this drawstring Playmat tutorial for The Craft Cotton Company using their lovely balloon fabric. I have seen these about for a while and thought they were a brilliant idea, they make tidying up all those little tiny toy pieces that manage to get everywhere so much easier and anything that reduces the risk of standing on a stray piece of Lego is something that needs making! You could make this as big or as small as you wanted, so you can have one for taking toys out and about in the car and a big one for in the house. 

I knew straight away that the hot air balloon Fabric by The Craft Cotton Company would be perfect for this, along with a plain blue cotton for the backing fabric. The blue ribbon I used was some from my stash. 
Take a look over at this and other great ideas over on the Craft Cotton Company blog:  

Small take out and about version: 

Large version:

Pretty and pink crochet flamingo – with a bonus bit of sparkle too

After a craft disaster which I still can’t bring myself to talk about…I decided something bright and sparkly was needed, I came across a pattern for a little crochet flamingo on Pinterest (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/flamingo-applique-2) and knew it would be perfect for bringing a bit of brightness – you can’t beat a bit of pink.  

I had some pink sparkly  wool which was perfect, i’m going to make a couple more as you can never have too many flamingoes!