You Can Tell I’m Excited For Summer, Slight Bit Of Sun And I’ve Already Sewn Sun Hats! 

I’ve had these on my list of things to make for a while but have been waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer and sunnier before doing them, nothing more depressing than a sun hat ready to be worn and it being cloudy and rainy! 

I was caught a bit off guard by the weather and a slight sunny and warm spell happened, the machine was out that evening and I finally got cracking on making them. I have never made a hat before, so I was a bit nervous about doing them but they were actually a lot easier to do than they look. I used a pattern I found on Pinterest and opted for the largest size:

I found some frog fabric in my stash along with some lovely balloon fabric by the Craft Cotton Company, these both went well with some plain light blue fabric I had.  

The pattern was very easy to follow and I will definitely be using it again soon to make some more in different colours! 

Let’s hope the weather now stays this nice and sunny so these hats can be worn – it’s not looking promising though it’s been raining all day! 

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