It’s been a while since I took on a crochet clothes make, I thought it was about time I took on another when I saw this cute baby cardigan

I haven’t made any crochet clothing items since completing my granny treble best top, and I thought it was about time I made some more as I have enjoyed the previous clothing items I have made. With a friends little ones 1st birthday coming up I had the perfect reason to get started again, I thought I would be being a bit ambitious to make a pattern up myself so I had a look about for one I like and came across this one by Red Heart Yarns which I knew would be perfect:

I opted for a bright blue wool by the Women’s Institute for Hobbycraft, I love this colour and such a nice bright colour can brighten up any dull day.  
I couldn’t believe how easily this came together, I was expecting a few hiccups at least but apart from a couple of accidental stitch increases which I noticed before going onto the next row I plodded happily through it. Although I must admit I did count the number of stitches every couple of rows just in case this happened – I had a clothing disaster once where I didn’t check the number of stitches on the rows – never again will I not check! 

I can’t wait to pass this present over! 

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