Father’s Day make idea – drawstring wash bag, I better get cracking on some more ideas before I run out of time! 

This drawstring wash bag is great for keeping everything together in one place, this lovely steam punk fabric by the Craft Cotton Company really makes it stand out too. Added bonus is that you can get this bag made in an evening, I must admit I do love a quick make that can be squeezed in amongst other long running projects. 
I made this drawstring wash bag tutorial for the Craft Cotton Company, take a look over at this and other great ideas over on the Craft Cotton Company blog:  

You can tell I’m excited for summer, slight bit of sun for a few days and I’ve already made sun hats! 

I’ve had these on my list of things to make for a while but have been waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer and sunnier before doing them, nothing more depressing than a sun hat ready to be worn and it being cloudy and rainy! 

I was caught a bit off guard by the weather and a slight sunny and warm spell happened, the machine was out that evening and I finally got cracking on making them. I have never made a hat before, so I was a bit nervous about doing them but they were actually a lot easier to do than they look. I used a pattern I found on Pinterest and opted for the largest size: http://oliverands.com/free-patterns/reversible-bucket-hat/

I found some frog fabric in my stash along with some lovely balloon fabric by the Craft Cotton Company, these both went well with some plain light blue fabric I had.  

The pattern was very easy to follow and I will definitely be using it again soon to make some more in different colours! 
Let’s hope the weather now stays this nice and sunny so these hats can be worn – it’s not looking promising though it’s been raining all day! 

Combining two of my favourite things – bags and patchwork! 

I love the ombré trends fabric range by the Craft Cotton Company and was lucky to get the chance to use them to make a lovely to tote bag for them using it. The pattern I used to make it was by the Craft Cotton Company and can be found in the vintage floral tote bag kit. The pattern was really easy to follow, and the bag came together without any problems – which for me when doing patchwork is quite unusual, I normally manage to sew at least one or two pieces in the wrong place! It was also my first attempt at making one of these reversible totes so wasn’t too sure how well it would go – am very pleased it worked out so well – I will have to make some more! 

I used the Ombré Trends fabrics from three of the fat quarter sets: blue, lime and plum. I chose the colour combination myself and I spent a long time trying out different layouts with the different colours and patterns and am really pleased with the outcome.

Cute and cuddly comforter, couldn’t believe my luck when I saw the pattern – perfect colour match for my previous baby cardigan make!

I was halfway through making the blue baby cardigan when a picture of a cat comforter by Red Heart Yarns popped up on my Instagram, I knew instantly that this comforter would be a perfect match to go with the cardigan, I couldn’t have asked for better timing! Link to the pattern: http://www.redheart.com/files/patterns/pdf/LW4825.pdf
I altered the colouring slightly, keeping the pink (to match the buttons I used on the cardigan) and also the blue which first caught my attention as it matched the blue in the cardigan, adding in some yellow (again matching the cardigan button) and using the white just for the face and flower details.

This comforter is the perfect addition to the cardigan and together I think they make a great gift.

It’s been a while since I took on a crochet clothes make, I thought it was about time I took on another when I saw this cute baby cardigan

I haven’t made any crochet clothing items since completing my granny treble best top, and I thought it was about time I made some more as I have enjoyed the previous clothing items I have made. With a friends little ones 1st birthday coming up I had the perfect reason to get started again, I thought I would be being a bit ambitious to make a pattern up myself so I had a look about for one I like and came across this one by Red Heart Yarns which I knew would be perfect: http://www.redheart.co.uk/files/patterns/pdf/LW4251EN.pdf

I opted for a bright blue wool by the Women’s Institute for Hobbycraft, I love this colour and such a nice bright colour can brighten up any dull day.  
I couldn’t believe how easily this came together, I was expecting a few hiccups at least but apart from a couple of accidental stitch increases which I noticed before going onto the next row I plodded happily through it. Although I must admit I did count the number of stitches every couple of rows just in case this happened – I had a clothing disaster once where I didn’t check the number of stitches on the rows – never again will I not check! 

I can’t wait to pass this present over!