Fabric car tidy: Something for keeping a little ones things a bit more tidy in the car

The other day a friend of mine was complaining to me about the state of the back her car with toys, paper, pencils and teddies all over the place, so I suggested a car tidy for her little ones to keep all their things together in.  

She passed over to me some fabric she had leftover from some curtains she had made recently and I got cracking on putting something together using it. I loved the pattern on the pirate fabric (Laura Ashley) and the blue (Laura Ashley) and greeny blue fabric (from Dumelm) complemented it perfectly. I opted to make a tidy with two big pockets as most of the toys and bits to go in it are big. You could make smaller pockets or add extra ones if you wanted.  

These went down a treat with the kids and for now my friends car is much tidier!  

Car tidy pattern 

Press stud 






– Two pieces of fabric 30cm x 10 cm


– Backing fabric; 2 pieces 35 cm x 55cm

– Pocket 1; 1 piece 35 x 25cm 

– Pocket; 1 piece 35 x 40 cm 

1- Make the straps 

Take one of the fabric strips, fold it in half with right sides together and sew along the bottom and down the side. 

Turn the right way, you now have the top straps 

2- Hem the pockets 

Make a hem along the top of pocket 1 and 2 to seal the rough edges.
3- Putting the tidy together 

Take one piece of backing fabric and with the Right side facing up place pocket 1 and pocket two in place, also with right side facing up. Place the fabric straps with the edges of each hanging 1 cm over the top edge of the backing fabric and 6cm from the side edge. Now place the other piece of backing fabric right sides together on top of this and sew around all the edges but leaving a 10 cm gap unsewn, turn right way out and slip stitch the gap closed. 

4- Attach the fastening 

Sew popper to the straps so it can fasten around the seat top 


All finished! 

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