Crochet Tiger Hat From Vanessa Mooncie’s Crochet Animal Hats

Another animal hat completed, a tiger this time. It’s going to be like a zoo in here soon with all these hat animals!

After completing the leopard hat I had a lot of yellowy wool left over so decided to use it to make the tiger from Vanessa Mooncie’s Crocheted Animal Hats. I love the hats in this book, I think making them is a bit addictive!

Unlike the leopard hat where the spot detail was added in afterwards, on this tiger hat the stripe detail is worked in while you are making the hat, which meant it came together much quicker. It took a me little while to get used to having all the seperate balls of wool on the go at once and making sure they didn’t get too tangled, but after a few rows I had got the hang of it and was off! As all the detail was crocheted in while making the main hat it was much quicker to make than the leopard hat. Similarly to the leopard hat I did plaited ties for the ear flaps using the yellow and the black wool.
Now I’ve added the tiger to the completed hats of the leopard and frog, the hardest decision to make now is which hat to do next!

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