Crochet Christmas Elf Hats: Ready To Be Sent To Some Little Helpers, Some Very Cute Elf Hats!

A friend of mine saw these on Pinterest and asked if I could make a couple for her little ones. I couldn’t wait to get them made – they looked so good on the picture! I decided to do them all in one colour with a grey band around the base and a grey Pom Pom rather than in stripes. They came together really quickly and I had no problems with the pattern at all – it is a great pattern, even better that there are two sizes – baby and adult. I opted to do the adult size as I didn’t think the smaller size would fit them. 

Here’s the link to the pattern:

I can’t wait to see these hats on – I’m looking forward to receiving a picture from my friend with them both wearing them on Christmas Eve! 
I’ve already got requests in from other friends for some of these for next year, at this rate I think I am going to need to get started on my Christmas makes even earlier! 



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