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Crochet Granny Square Minecraft Creeper Blanket 

100 granny squares later and it’s finally finished – the grannies have successfully morphed into a pixelated Minecraft creeper blanket

I have been plodding along making granny squares for what seems like an age now – it’s my fault it’s taken me so long really though because I have only been making the squares in the few spare moments I have had between other craft projects. Also I got so carried away making granny squares I actually made a few too many in the end, I’m sure I can put them to good use on another project at some point!.  

Creeper Granny Square Blanket:

For the granny squares I completed a basic granny square using this method.

You need 100 squares in total:

Black: 20

Light green: 19

Medium green: 11

Green: 25

Dark green: 23

White: 2

Once I had all 100 squares made, it was time to get them all put together, I laid them all out before starting this so I could make sure I got all the squares in the places I thought they would look best. The next job was the Sewing together which took quite a while. I sewed the squares together with a slip stitch, I didn’t want the bulky seam you get when using a dc stitch to join.  Once joined and the mammoth task of finishing off all the loose ends was complete I went around the edge of the blanket in two rows of dc stitch using black. 

I am very happy with this blanket, and I know its recipient is going to love this for Christmas! Now I need to get cracking on another granny square blanket – now it’s time for a Minecraft mushroom cow, I better get cracking!


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