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I know I promised a non animal make but that project has hit a bit of a snag, so while that’s on hold here is a very jazzy and fluffy hedgehog! 

I’m currently working on quite a big crochet project that I have had on my list for a while and have been trying to ignore! Progress has been going well with it, until that is I ran out of wool!! This always seems to happen to me, and even worse there was no more of this wool left at my local shop so I will have to wait until some more comes in! I can’t deny I was pretty gutted as despite putting off this make I was actually quite enjoying it and I can’t wait to share it once it is finally finished. On the plus side while I was in another wool shop a few days later I saw some wool which I just had to buy: King Cole tinsel chunky, and alongside a hedgehog which had been made using it, it was just adorable so I decide to get the wool and the pattern, then I ran into a slight disappointment – it was a knitting pattern, noooooo! 

However I decided I would get the wool and the pattern (King Cole tinsel chunky 9015) and see if I could adapt it to crochet. It’s only when I sat down to do this I realised the mountain of a problem I had set myself, I had a look online and a few websites mentioned that each knit and purl row would be equivalent to a single dc row. So I decided to try this on a large hedgehog. Then I hit another snag – the wool was an absolute nightmare to use, I couldn’t see where I was wanting to go and counting how many stitches I had completed was pretty much impossible! I almost gave up with it a few times, but I really liked how the wool looked when made up into something so I persevered with it and eventually managed to get it finished. 
This large hedgehog looks absolutely nothing like that in the pattern! The body has come out too short and the nose too long – no idea how I have managed it, but it’s why I shouldn’t have tried to convert a knitting pattern to crochet and should have tried to make my own pattern. However despite looking nothing like it should do I this I think this hedgehog looks brilliant, I’m really pleased I actually stuck out and finished it and it really makes me smile!  

I still have another ball of this wool left in a different colour, the next hedgehog I do will be with my own crochet pattern – no more attempts at converting a pattern for me!! 

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