Crochet Owls: The Creature Makes Are Continuing! 

I love these owls, they always make me smile, the effect of the ears really finished them off. I have made these in matching colours but you can make them all different, or not do the striped effect so they are just one colour – so many different effects you could go for. So far I have only made them in the green and purple on both occasions that I have made a set, but the next lot I do I will be having a bit of a play with the colours! 

My list of makes to do is starting to get out of hand, I barely seem to get one item finished off the list and am adding at least two new ones! I’ve decided to try and get through some of the smaller makes on the list to try and get it down a bit in size so I can then focus on some big quilting projects I am wanting to get on with. 

I started these owls quite a while ago from a DMC crochet pattern: family of owls amigurami, 14934L/2, and used DMC Natura cotton,  but they got pushed to the bottom of my craft box and I had forgotten about them until I came across the pattern for them and realised I hadn’t finished them! I had made some of these owls before so knew they wouldn’t take me too long once I got going with them, I already had the small body finished and medium half finished so only had that to finish off and to do and the large and then add the beaks and eyes.  

Now to work on the next make from my list, think I might go for some patchwork next! 

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