Crochet Dorest Down Sheep from Edward’s Menagerie 

Sadly my week of menagerie animal makes has come to an end, but it’s ended on a high with a fabewelous sheep!  

I opted to make the Dorset Down Sheep as my final menagerie make in my week dedicated to making animals from Edward’s menagerie by Kerry Lord – How could I not it’s just adorable!

I used a slightly lighter colour for the nose arms and ears as I didn’t have a darker one in my stash. I also decided to use different colours on the fleece, firstly because I didn’t have enough chunky cream wool to do both the body, head, and fleece, and second because I thought the fleece would look good in varying shades of cream. I had a plain cream and a speckled black cream in my stash which I knew would work perfectly together. So I used the chunky cream to do the head and body and a bit of the fleece, and used the cream with black speckle and cream for the rest of the fleece. I used a 5mm hook as the cream wool for the body an head was a chunky knit as was the brown I used for the nose, arms, legs and ears.

To compete the fleece I first went around in the chunky cream, next the cream with black speckle and finally filled in the remaining gaps with the cream.

I think I spaced out my loops more than in the book, and didn’t sew the ch8 loop into the next stitch along from the start of the chain but 3, 4 or even in some cases 5 stitches away from the start of the chain, so the fleece doesn’t stick out as much but I was happier with the effect of the loops when they were a bit more spread out. The fleece took me a long time to do, it’s amazing how many loops are needed to cover the whole body, I started to think I was never going to get there and I am sure I will be seeing them in my sleep for quite a while to come!

I wasn’t too sure how it was going to work out, is wasn’t until all the fleece has been completed I could see my use of different colours was a good choice and I am really pleased I opted for using a few different colours. I was really worried while making it as I was doubting myself a bit half way through.

Now that my week of making these is over I need to get back onto my list of projects I need to finish off! On the plus side I do have a couple of animal makes on this (I love making animals!). A few of these makes I need to have finished in the next few weeks so I really need to get moving!

One thought on “Crochet Dorest Down Sheep from Edward’s Menagerie 

  1. LifeLoofah July 28, 2015 / 8:23 pm

    Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing ever! I wish I could buy it, it looks super cuddly!

    Liked by 1 person

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