Freshly hooked and straight off to the seaside, this hippo is making the most of this nice weather! 

Days two and three of my week of crochet animal making were focussed on this lovely hippo! Pattern was again from Kerry Lords book, Edwards menagerie. Similarly to my elephant make I opted to use a 4mm hook and again choose a multicoloured wool, this time using a 50g ball of Sirdar Click chunky DK in indigo. These animals are perfect for using up leftover 50g balls, as there is often not too much you can do with only a small amount of wool.

I came across a bit of a problem with this one – but luckily it didn’t take too much to sort out, the problem occurred as the pattern in the book for the head only went up to row 20, which didn’t finish off the nose and left a large hole at the end – clearly a couple more rows were needed, I couldn’t see anywhere in the book that mentioned any more about finishing this nose so I worked out how to do it myself:

Round 21: dc, dc2tog. Repeat around

Round 22: dc2tog. Repeat around

Fasten off.

 Once I had put the hippo together I don’t know why but I straight away thought – it would look brilliant with a rubber ring for swimming at the beach – my mind is a bit random I must admit! All this hot weather has probably gone to my head!
I decided to do one like the red and white striped life-rings you see, but instead of using red I used a pale orange with the white. I also did it quite large, as a small one would be no use to a hippo!
I can’t help but smile at this!
Swimming ring:

4mm hook

Orange and White DK wool

Stuff as you go to make it easier – I didn’t until the end and it was a bit fiddly!

In Orange, Ch14, then slip stitch to first dc to make a ring

Round 1-6: dc around

Change to white, don’t need to fasten off the Orange, just leave that head loose ready to change back to

Round 7-12: dc around

Change to orange

Round 13-18: dc around

Change to white

Round 19-24: dc around

Change to orange

Round 25-30: dc around

Change to white

Round 31-36: dc around

Change to orange

Round 37-42: dc around

Change to white

Round 43-48

Fasten off

Stitch the last row to the starting round to make a ring.


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