Crochet Aardvark From Edward’s Menagerie

First make from a new book purchase, can’t wait to get started on the rest and with over 40 to choose from think im going to be busy!! 

I first came across this book after seeing the finished animals featured in an email from a craft shop, they all looked so cute and I couldn’t believe that there were over 40 animals patterns in this one book! I know a lot of little ones who would love these little critters along with a few big people too (including me!) so decided to get the book. The book is called Edward’s Menagerie, by Kerry Lord (

I ordered the book online and was very excited when it arrived, the only problem was I didn’t know where to start, there was just so many animals I wanted to make it took me a long time to decide which one to start with! Eventually after reading through the book a ridiculous number of times I finally decided on which one to start with – the aardvark! I had the perfect wool for it already in my stash so I could get started on him straight away.  

The book is fantastic, it’s a great read and the patterns are so easy to follow, and it is very well laid out explaining each separate stage from making to stuffing and completion. I am very impressed with how easy it made the whole making process. I had this little one made in two evenings – I was really surprised with how quickly it came together.  

How could you not love it – from its cute floppy ears to long snuffly nose, I know this is going to be very well liked in its new home! 

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