Sewing A Super Cute Pair Of Patchwork Quilted Octopuses! 

I was browsing while walking past craft magazines the other day and was stopped suddenly in my tracks by one of the cutest quilted octopuses! I quickly grabbed a copy of Quilt Now magazine issue 11 and was so keen to get started on it I started it as soon as I got home – Luckily I had seen some fabric in hobbycraft the day before by the Craft Cotton Company and bought it knowing it would come in useful at some point and it did the very next day for this – it was just perfect for these two octopuses – all beach and sea themed! 

I had enough fabric to do two of these so decided to do one with the darker blues and one with the lighter so that they would be different. They were so easy to make, all you had to do was make the template patterns for the circle face and legs and cut out the fabric and wadding before getting started. The only part that took a bit of time was the quilting the layers of lining, wadding and top layer of fabric together. Also my machine only does a straight or zig zag stitch so it took me a while to do the wave quilting detail free-handed and obviously it isn’t as detailed as it would have been with a pre-programmed wave stitch but I am really impressed with how well they came out! I am quite proud of themes I haven’t tried to do anything like that before. 

The legs took a bit of time to get all turned out  especially with having 16 to do!, but after using a variety of implements I found a knitting needle was perfect for pushing the fabric out and getting a nice sharp corner.  The eyes just added the perfect finishing touch to these and made them come to life from just a round cushion with legs! You could put all sorts of different eyes on these giving them different expressions. A good idea would be to have different eyes you could velcro on to the face so you could change them when you wanted to – kids would love it!

I know a home where these two can swim off to and will be very well looked after – I will be sad to see them go, I think I may have to make one for myself! I also still had some of the fabric left – you get a good amount in the bundle, and I have a project in mind it will be perfect for, stay tuned! 

2 thoughts on “Sewing A Super Cute Pair Of Patchwork Quilted Octopuses! 

    • hookstitchsew May 24, 2015 / 7:59 am

      Thank you, I’m really pleased with how cute they came out!


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