English Paper Piecing Patchwork Quilt Project: Part 5

Harness…check, helmet…check, ropes…check – it’s about time I resumed climbing this mountain of a quilting project 

I’ve been working on a quilt for myself for a while now, squeezing in making a few squares whenever I get the chance between other projects.  However, as I am doing these squares with the paper piercing method progress has been slow.  So I decided over the bank holiday weekend to focus on getting some more squares done.  

Unfortunately I didn’t have as much time to these squares as I hoped so I haven’t got as many competed as I would have liked, but I have given it a good go and have managed to get another 4 completed  – I know I was a bit disappointed with that number too, I was hoping to have finished a few more, but I have really enjoyed designing and making them which ultimately is all that matters!   

It does seem like a bit of a mountain climb at the moment with these squares as despite making so many I still need to do quite a few more to get it to the size I want.  Despite the slow progress however I am really happy with how all the squares are coming along, and am still enjoying making them and coming up with ideas on the patterns to do. I would really like to get it finished soon though, so I had better get find my longer ropes and get cracking up to be top of this mountain! 


2 thoughts on “English Paper Piecing Patchwork Quilt Project: Part 5

    • hookstitchsew May 6, 2015 / 7:34 pm

      Thank you, really happy with how it’s coming on – even though it’s taking quite a while!

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