It all started when I made a iPad case as a gift, now the requests are coming in! This one is a great one for Father’s Day

My friend absolutely loved the case I made for her for her iPad (along with many of my other friends who have now put in a request for one to be made for their birthdays!) and asked if I could make one for her dad for Father’s Day, no problem I said, the only catch was that this was for a iPad mini so I needed a different pattern. As I was already doing a different sized pattern than I have previously I decided to change it slightly and make a case with a flap fastening.  

I had some spare fabric by the Cotton Craft Company from my octopuses and thought it would be great for this make so I checked with my friend who loved it and thought it would be perfect. I love this fabric – I will be getting some more when I see it next, you don’t often see fabrics which are perfect for male makes, most are too flowery or are not the right colours!
I hope they like it as much as me!

Pattern for the case:


– For main case one piece of fabric 13 by 9 1/2 inches

– Contrasting flap fabric piece, 13 inches by 2 1/2 inches

– Button

– Lining piece for quilting and piece of batting 13 by 9 1/2 inches

– Lining for pocket – one piece of fabric 13 by 12 inches

– Piece of ribbon 6 inches long

•. Lie the flap piece along the top of the main pocket piece right sides together and sew along to attach.

• Layer the lining piece for quilting and batting on top of the main pocket piece – avoiding the contrasting flap piece. Pin to secure then complete quilting in pattern desired, I did diagonal lines for this one, following the line in the gap between the anchors.

•. Place right sides together, pin and sew along the longest side at the bottom and up the side right to the top of the flap, but leaving the top flap side unstitched.

• Turn right side out, it’s now ready for lining.

• Take lining piece, place right sides together and sew down the side (the 11 1/2 inch side) and along the bottom (the 12 2/2 inch side), leaving the top unworked. Do not turn the lining, and place into the pocket.

• Fold the top of the pocket in 1/4 of an inch and fold the lining 1/4 out so that the two folds meet on the inside, repeat the whole way around pinning as you go, Making sure in the centre of the back you also insert the two ends from the piece of ribbon making the loop for going over the button, then sew around close to the edge with the machine.

• Sew buttons onto front of the fabric lining up with the location of the ribbon



Quilted iPad case – a perfect make for gifting 

A friend of mine had a birthday coming up and I had been trying to think of something to make for her – she always likes to receive the gifts I have made for her and I try and do something a bit different each year. Then I found out she was receiving an iPad as a surprise gift, perfect I thought, I could make her a lovely case to keep it in (her birthday was last week so don’t worry I won’t be spoiling the surprise on here!). 

What made this idea even better was that I had got some fabric a few weeks ago which was just perfect for it. I got this fabric from IKEA and I love the colours and the pattern and I knew she would like it to! For the quilting pattern I decided to sew around the edges of the flowers and leaves to make them really stand out. It took me a little while to get round them all, at one point I didn’t think I was ever going to get there but I eventually made it and I think it looks pretty good! 

I decided to make my own pattern to make this and am so happy it worked out – nothing worse than making something from your own pattern and it doesn’t come out as you want, I’m pretty new to making patterns and sewing more than just a cushion cover and I’ve unfortunately ended up with a few of these recently – I refer to these disasters when they occur as bin projects and once they become a bin project they are never to be spoken about again!! So glad this hasn’t become one! 

iPad case pattern


– Main Case – One piece of fabric 19 inches by 11 inches 

– Two pieces of ribbon 6 inches long

– Two buttons

– Wadding and lining for quilting – one piece of each measure of 18 1/2 by 11 inches 

– Lining for case – one piece of fabric 18 1/4 inches by 11 inches 

• Cut out all fabric and wadding

• Lay together the lining for quilting, wadding and case, leaving a 1/2 inch space at the top without any wadding and quilting lining, pin and quilt to the pattern of your choice.


 • Fold fabric wrong sides together on the longest side, pin and sew down the side and along the bottom leaving the top unworked. 

• Turn right way around, time now for lining

•. Take the lining piece fold in half and sew down side and along bottom. Do not turn but place inside pocket, turn out edge 1/4 inch and turn in pocket by 1/4 inch and pin, making sure in two places at the back you also insert the two ends from the pieces of ribbon making the two loops for going over the button, then sew around edge. 

 • Sew buttons onto front of the fabric lining up with the location of the ribbon 


Just blooming marvellous – Crochet flowers, part 3: Roses 

Looking out into my garden a few weeks ago I noticed with excitement that the leaves were starting to grow on my roses and it wont be too long before they start to flower. I have been waiting for this all winter! I love their flowers, they are just such lovely colours and the flowers look so pretty in a garden.

I did patterns for the roses in two different sizes: small and large and a two toned colour.  As the flowers are quite small it didn’t take me long to get them all made, I had all these finished after one evening, so they are great little makes when you don’t have much time. I also love the versatility of these flowers, you can use them for so many different things. I am going to attach these roses to hair grips so then can be used as hair accessories. You could add some wool wrapped wire stems to these to put in a vase or make a bouquet using a few of them grouped together again with wire wrapped wool stems with a few of the leaves going down them.

The leaf detail on these roses can be completed in different shades of green, and they can also be positioned in different places with more or even fewer leaves.

Rose patterns 

4mm hook
Ch 38
Trb into 4th chain from the hook, then

5trb into same stitch, *Skip 1 stitch, then slip stitch into next stitch, skip a stitch then 6 trb into the next stitch, repeat from * along rest of the row to the last two stitches: skip a stitch then slip stitch into the next stitch.

Fasten off

Stitching as you go, starting from the starting end loosely coil the trebled row around to make the flower.

Fasten off .

Leaf – make 2 or as many as required 

dc into second chain from hook, trb, double trb, triple trb, double trb, trb, dc.

Fasten off, leaving long end.

Using the long end left from fastening off, weave along the bottom chain row, then pull the thread tight to pull it in, then position and attach to the back of the flower. Fasten off

To make a large rose ch68 and repeat the pattern as for the smaller rose. You can make them bigger again if required by increasing the number of chain stitches.

To add a second colour detail, join new colour at the ch3 at the end of the foundation row slip which makes up the first treble of the first fan and then slip stitch in each dc along the whole row. Fasten off and roll into rose in the same way as the small rose.

Swimming in amongst the crochet flower makes, a super cute pair of quilted octopuses! 

I was browsing while walking past craft magazines the other day and was stopped suddenly in my tracks by one of the cutest quilted octopuses! I quickly grabbed a copy of Quilt Now magazine issue 11 and was so keen to get started on it I started it as soon as I got home – Luckily I had seen some fabric in hobbycraft the day before by the Craft Cotton Company and bought it knowing it would come in useful at some point and it did the very next day for this – it was just perfect for these two octopuses – all beach and sea themed! 


I had enough fabric to do two of these so decided to do one with the darker blues and one with the lighter so that they would be different. They were so easy to make, all you had to do was make the template patterns for the circle face and legs and cut out the fabric and wadding before getting started. The only part that took a bit of time was the quilting the layers of lining, wadding and top layer of fabric together. Also my machine only does a straight or zig zag stitch so it took me a while to do the wave quilting detail free-handed and obviously it isn’t as detailed as it would have been with a pre-programmed wave stitch but I am really impressed with how well they came out! I am quite proud of themes I haven’t tried to do anything like that before. 

The legs took a bit of time to get all turned out  especially with having 16 to do!, but after using a variety of implements I found a knitting needle was perfect for pushing the fabric out and getting a nice sharp corner.  The eyes just added the perfect finishing touch to these and made them come to life from just a round cushion with legs! You could put all sorts of different eyes on these giving them different expressions. A good idea would be to have different eyes you could velcro on to the face so you could change them when you wanted to – kids would love it!

I know a home where these two can swim off to and will be very well looked after – I will be sad to see them go, I think I may have to make one for myself! I also still had some of the fabric left – you get a good amount in the bundle, and I have a project in mind it will be perfect for, stay tuned! 

It doesn’t matter if you forget to water these flowers, crochet flower making part 2: daisies

I have found memories of making daisy chains when I was younger, and whenever I see them outside it still makes me smile. I couldn’t quite decide on what type of crochet daisy to do so tried out a couple of different ones, and I’m still not too sure which I like the best! You could make bunting out of these, or use them to add some nice detail to a tablecloth on the corners or in the middle. Think I will make some more of all the different types and use them on a tablecloth I have been thinking about making – another project to add to the list!

Daisy pattern 

4mm hook for all Daisy’s

Daisy flower

Starting in yellow

Make a magic ring, ch1

Round 1: 5dc into ring

Round 2: 2dc into each dc

Change to white

Round 3: (*dc, ch5 slip stitch into second chain from hook and then the remaining 3 chain stitches, slip stitch into the stitch at the base. Repeat from * into same stitch, so there are two petals in the same stitch). Repeat ( ) around.

Fasten off


Wider petal daisy flower – make 2

In yellow

Make a magic ring, ch1

Round 1: 5dc into ring

Round 2: 2dc into each dc

Change to white

Round 3: *dc, ch7, treble into 3rd chain from the hook and then the remaining 4 chain stitches, slip stitch into the stitch at the base, dc into next stitch. Repeat from *around 4 more times

Fasten off

– Sew the two together with petals offset form each other


12 petal Chain stitch daisy

In yellow

Make a magic ring, ch1

Round 1: 6dc into ring

Round 2: 2dc into each stitch, repeat around

Change to white
Round 3: *dc ch12 dc into same stitch, repeat from *around

Fasten off

8 petal chain stitch daisy

In yellow

Make magic ring, ch1

Round 1: 4dc into ring

Round 2: 2dc into each stitch repeat around

Round 3: *dc ch10 dc into same stitch, repeat from * around

Now for something nice and bright and flowery..Part one: crochet daffodils 

As I am letting my poor fingers have a rest from sewing for a few days while they recover from a mammoth patchworking mission I embarked on last week, I have decided to do some crocheting. I have been wanting to make some crochet flowers for a while now so have decided now is the perfect time to get cracking with them.

I have quite a few different flowers in mind so I have decided to split up the posts based on the different flower types I have made, this first post will focus upon some daffodils, followed by daisies, peonies, 5 petal flowers then dahlias, and who knows maybe a few more if I come across some more I would like to make. I have decided to keep them separate as it means the patterns for each flower will then be kept separate and means each flower gets its own time to shine!
I made up my own patterns for all these flowers, and started off with a few rough sketches of what I was aiming for as a guide, and by rough I mean very rough – it made me realise that art is definitely not one of my strong points, they were more like stick flowers!

I started with daffodils as I am always sad to see them go, such a lovely bright flower that signals the start of the warming weather, now I have these I will always be able to see some! You could make some stems for these with wool and wire and pop them in a vase, or even attach them around the edge of a basket for a lovely bit of flower detail.

Daffodil pattern:

4mm hook


In dark yellow

Make a magic ring, ch1

Round 1: 5dc into ring

Round 2: 2dc into each stitch around

Round 3: *dc, Trb, double treble, triple treble, ch 3 slip stitch into 2nd and 3rd chain from the hook, triple treble, double treble, trb, dc into same stitch. dc into next stitch Repeat from *4 more times

In light yellow

Ch12, slip stitch into first stitch to form a ring

Round 1-4: ch1, dc into each stitch around, slip stitch into top of ch1

Fasten off, leaving long tail to fasten trumpet on to centre of petals
You can also swap it around and have light yellow for the petals and dark yellow for the trumpet, or just use dark or light yellow for both the trumpet and petals.

After falling short last time I’m back again to try and scale a bit more of this quilting mountain! Let’s hope I keep a tighter hold of the ropes this time! 

After the disappointing attempt at cracking on with my quilt last time I decided it was time to have another big push at trying to get it finished, and after 4 evenings of dedicated patch-working I have made quite a step forwards towards the completion of this project hand have got another 9 squares completed – to be honest I have actually surprised myself with how many I have managed to complete! My poor fingers are suffering slightly now from this however! 
This means I now have a total of 25 squares towards my quilt and as I am only doing it about the size of a single bed shouldn’t need too many more the complete it – hopefully only about 10 more! Think I might take a few days rest and do some other crafts so my fingers can recover before cracking on with these last ones!   I have got most of the paper templates ready for these last few so shouldn’t take me too long – hopefully.  My only concern is whether I have got enough fabric to do them all! 

My card making spree comes to an abrupt end with a fizz wizz and a bang, just as I was starting to think it would go on forever… Part 4: Roald Dahl 

The last set of cards completed during this making mission were made using Docrafts Roald Dahl papers and accessories that I had left over from my Docrafts Roald Dahl stationary set.  I love this range it brings back all my childhood memories of these books and kids love these cards as they are currently reading the books and enjoying them as much as I did! 

Materials used;
– Papers and accessories: Docrafts Roald Dahl stationary set
–  Docrafts Papermania bakers twine in spots and stripes pastels 
Unfortunately I only managed to make 5 as I ran out of glue!! I thought I had some more in my stash but no it was nowhere to be found! That brought my card manning to a sudden halt! Although it was probably for the best as I am going to struggle to fit all the new cards I have made into my storage box as it is! 


This card making spree is still going strong…Part 3: Birds! 

As I already had my Sissix Big Shots die cut machine out for the previous flower cards I thought – why not make some cards using some of my other die’s too! So I pulled out my favourite die – Sissix Bigz die birds number 3!
I opted to make brightly coloured cards with these birds as I think they can really pull off the bright colours and it makes the cards stand out against any others and get your attention!
Materials used;
– Coloured papers: Docrafts Papermania Capsule Collection spots and stripes in brights
– Green and Yellow ribbon from my stash
– Flowers: the smaller flowers were made using the coloured papers and the Sizzix die flower layers and leaves, the bigger were Docrafts Papermania Capsule Collection spots and stripes brights big bloomers
– Buttons: Docrafts Papermania Capsule Collection spots and stripes festive polka mini buttons
Really love these cards, I like that they are nice and simple without too much cluttering up the cards so that the birds can stand out nicely – showing off how cute they are!