Got to love a granny stitch, even better when it helps increase my adventures into making more crochet clothing! 

This granny stitch project caught my eye straight away when I saw issue 30 of Simply Crochet magazine.  I really like the granny stitch, especially its versatility and the great effect it produces when it is used.  I have been looking for another clothing make to attempt since my last success with my crochet bobble jumper, and knew this would be perfect.  What made this even better was that I had the perfect wool for making it – a lovely coral colour.  The pattern said I would need 5 100g balls which luckily I had, however, I only used 3 to make it – I don’t seem to have much luck with the number of balls of wool specified in the pattern! first needing more for the bobble jumper and now using fewer for this, but at least they all work out and look ok in the end!  At least I know the reasons for the differences in the number of balls of wool – the wool I used in this project had more length in the 100g balls than that used in the pattern, the opposite was the case with the bobble jumper! 

It took a lot longer than my previous jumper to make, I was starting to think I would never get it finished! Not helped by the fact I’m also making more Crochet Lego pieces! It was a nice pattern to follow however which always helps with a make and the enjoyment while making it! It was also really simple to put together as you only had to sew together the front and the back, without having to sew in the arms separately.  
This is going to be a gift for someone very special, I’m not going to mention names incase they read this before they receive it! I couldn’t believe my luck with this make – Both the pattern and the wool colour are just perfect for them I couldn’t have picked better, just look at the pattern, how could you not like the effect! 

I like this one so much I think I might do one for myself, I will add it to the list!!


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